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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Our Sydney Harbour bridge climbs are temporarily unavailable - in the meantime you can shop other bridge climbing experiences. The famous Sydney Harbour bridge climb is known internationally as a must do experience if you’re visiting Australia (or even for locals). There is truly no better vantage point to take in all the beauty Sydney has on offer from the city skyline to the world famous harbour. At RedBalloon you’ll find a great range of Sydney bridge climb packages on offer so you can tick this once in a lifetime experience off your bucket list today!

When you think of Australia one of the first attractions that comes to mind is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. With the spectacular views on offer and the bridge’s rich history you can understand why over 3.5 million people have conquered a harbour bridge climb. Whether you’re visiting from overseas or interstate or even if you’re local, the Sydney bridge climb should be at the top of your must do list! It’s an unforgettable experience you will remember for years to come and not to mention the views from the top are some of the best in the world. You’ll experience a panorama from the top of the steel arch bridge that is truly breathtaking. With the option to climb at dawn, during the day, twilight and even night, there are plenty of different ways to discover Sydney and the surrounding landscape.

Known as the ‘Coat Hanger’ since it is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, the bridge opened in 1932 but still remains to this day an incredible piece of architecture in Australia. The view from the top is second to none and on a clear day you can even see as far as the Blue Mountains as well as views of the Northern beaches, the East and all of the picturesque harbour until it reaches the heads and becomes open water. If you’ve never seen this landmark up close before then you can enjoy a Sydney harbour bridge walk across the bottom for free which is the perfect way to ease into the bridge climb, especially if you’re afraid of heights. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Sydney attractions on offer which is why we offer a range of bridge climb deals for kids, adults, during the week, on the weekend and at multiple times during the day as well as a sampler day climb to get a taste of what it’s like.

How long does it take to climb the Sydney Harbour bridge?

Depending on the climb route you choose, the time varies from an express climb of 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours for the total complete experience. If you want the classic bridge climb experience that takes you on a guided tour along the outer arch of the bridge to the very top, then it can take around 3.5 hours for the whole experience and includes standing 134 metres above the harbour. However if you don’t have that much time but you still want to take on this experience, a bridgeclimb express option can be done in 2 hours and 15 minutes. The third option available is the sampler climb which gives you the perfect taste of the harbour bridge with the experience taking just 1.5 hours. You will ascend to the inner arch of the bridge to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top - it’s the perfect option for those who are nervous about heights.

How much does the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb cost?

If you’re interested in ticking off a climb from your bucket list but worry it’ll cost you an arm and leg, don’t worry because we have plenty of options available at RedBalloon to suit your budget. Starting at $143 for child and $168 for an adult, and ranging through to $388 for an adult dawn bridge climb, there are plenty of options available online. We are always trying to provide the best Sydney harbour bridge climb deals for our customers so they can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience without being limited by budget. Throughout the year we are also offering sales particularly during hallmark occasions and holidays seasons so keep an eye out for them or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear.

Is there an age limit to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?

In order to climb the sydney harbour bridge, participants must be at least 8 years old. You can enjoy child prices if you are 8 to 15 years old, but you must be over 1.2m tall. Adult pricing starts from 16 years old and over. Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult and the maximum group size you will climb with is 14 people.

Is the Sydney bridge climb worth it?

If you have never experienced the Sydney bridge climb we highly recommend putting it on the top of your must-do list! Whether you’re a local or you’re travelling to Sydney, this iconic attraction offers some of the best views in the world as you stand on the top of the arch of the bridge overlooking the city and the famous Sydney Opera House. Many of our customers rate the climb a 5/5 describing it as ‘brilliant’ or ‘an experience to remember’ which is what just some of the reviews say! If you have a fear of heights, there is no better way to conquer those nerves head on then with climbing the sydney harbour! If the thought of reaching the top of the arch is too much for the nerves to handle for the first time, then why not ease into it with the sampler climb which ascends the inner arch of the bridge.

Climbing the bridge is one of the biggest Sydney tourism attractions which is another reason why it should be on the top of your bucket list! It’s the best way to explore the city and experience Sydney sightseeing from a whole new level. Not to mention the photos you will get at the top is something you can brag about to all your’ll definitely make them jealous! It’s one the best Sydney tours on offer at RedBalloon. We also include free entry to the Pylon lookout with all our climbs so you can continue to enjoy the views and learn more about the history of the harbour bridge.

A climb experience is also the perfect reason to celebrate a special occasion. If you’re looking for a gift that will go above and beyond whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or to celebrate an important milestone, this is the perfect experience as it’ll be one they remember forever. Better yet why not enjoy it with someone special so you can conquer the climb together! The memories you create together during this experience will be something you look back on for years to come. To top it off you can even propose at the top of the bridge climb! It’ll definitely be a proposal unlike anything else with one of the best backdrops in the world to make it that much more special. Regardless of what the occasion is, treat yourself or someone special to a Sydney Harbour bridge climb from RedBalloon. You can instant book these experiences which allows you to choose the date you want to go straight away! So don’t put it off and instead turn that dreaming of standing on top of the world (well at least the top of Sydney) into reality today!