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Skydiving Victoria

Experience the exhilarating rush of free falling from 15,000ft in the air with skydiving Victoria. Whether it’s your first time, your an adrenaline-junkie or you’re looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got the skydiving experience for you. With skydiving available in locations all around Victoria including Melbourne, St Kilda, Yarra Valley and the Great Ocean Road, you’ll experience the thrill of a lifetime whilst taking in some of the best views around.

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Skydive Victoria-wide with RedBalloon

For the experience of a lifetime, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to skydiving. Nothing can compete with free falling from a fast-moving aircraft for 60 seconds up to 15,000 feet above sea level, before floating like a bird under your parachute for five-to-seven minutes back down to earth.

For that hard-to-buy-for thrill seeker, a RedBalloon gift voucher makes the perfect all-occasion present for achieving an all-time high. Gift cards and vouchers start at $25 and are valid for 5 years. They can be made out to any denomination and used to purchase any of RedBalloon’s 5000-plus exhilarating experiences. Make a big impact with the perfect small package. Gift vouchers can be emailed to the recipient or ordered to arrive via express delivery at their door in a red envelope gift pack. This means that tandem skydiving in Victoria, whether at spectacular locations or a state-of-the-art indoor skydive centre, is within reach and at your fingertips.

Which places in Victoria are best for skydiving?

If you’re based in Melbourne, preferably close to the CBD, the prime departure point for your unforgettable skydiving experience is the St Kilda Marina. This spectacular location and site, set overlooking the beach, is about a 15-minute drive south of the city centre. RedBalloon has customised a Skydive over St Kilda, a 15,000-feet weekend package that is sure to live up to expectations. You will well and truly be able to tick skydiving off your bucket list with this breathtaking half-day experience, which allows for a heart-pounding 60-second free fall before floating back to earth in a tandem skydive that takes in the uninterrupted city and coastal views over Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula.

For the ultimate sky-high adrenaline rush, Victorian skydiving prices are surprisingly down to earth. From as little as $150, first-timers and more experienced skydivers can realise their high-flying aspirations for a minuscule outlay.

Whether you’re learning to skydive or just seeking a thrilling tandem skydive experience, skydiving in Victoria has never been more exciting or achievable. RedBalloon offer weekend and midweek tandem skydiving packages over the Yarra Valley wine region, world-renowned Great Ocean Road, Nagambie and other breathtaking Victorian drop zones.

Is it dangerous to skydive?

“The Alchemist” author Paulo Coelho said it best: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it’s lethal”. There’s nothing dangerous about living life to the full, provided you practise safety, preparation and know how.

RedBalloon is a leader in this field, with more than 17 years of practice in providing the ultimate experiences in tailor-made gifts. Australia-wide learn-to-skydive packages over breathtaking beach locations are second to none. These exhilarating experiences are incredibly safe and instructors comply with the highest safety standards. Simply relax, smile and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

What to expect when skydiving for the first time?

It is always best to expect the unexpected. Apart from an initial overwhelming bodily and psychological fear, free falling at 200 kilometres per hour for 45 to 60 seconds is certain to thrill you beyond belief. It will invariably induce goosebumps, perspiration, heightened blood pressure, sharpened senses, or all of the above. It’s an adrenaline rush like nothing you will ever experience, and you should ensure that your fitness levels and medical wellbeing are in great shape to withstand these sensory pressures.

There are so many breathtaking locations to enjoy a skydive in Victoria whether it’s over the Great Ocean Road or the capital city of Melbourne. However, if you’re not quite ready to tackle the real deal, don’t worry! Discover our range of indoor skydiving flights in Melbourne.

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