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Skydiving Goolwa

Enjoy breathtaking views of rural Adelaide and it’s amazing waterways with our range of skydiving Goolwa experiences. Only an hours drive from the CBD, it’s the perfect destination for all thrill-seekers ready to tick a skydive off their bucket list. Experience the best Goolwa has to offer from up high with RedBalloon!

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The best skydiving in Goolwa

The historic Murray River port of Goolwa is a haven for sightseers and thrill seekers alike. Defined as “elbow” in indigenous language, this resort town is head and shoulders above most others when it comes to absorbing the landscape from an aerial perspective. When in Adelaide, savvy skydivers with an eye for spectacular scenery book their tandem experience at RedBalloon, with Goolwa as the ultimate base point. About an hour’s drive from the Adelaide CBD, it’s a dream destination for all high-flying and water-based adventures in South Australia.

What makes skydiving in Goolwa, Adelaide, so beautiful?

When you participate in a tandem skydiving experience in Goolwa, the way up is just as spectacular as the jump down to ground. This pristine region is renowned for its breathtaking waterways and rural backdrop. It is also a pleasant drive from the Adelaide CBD, as you coast along while taking in the relaxing natural sights.

Does skydiving in Goolwa feel like a rollercoaster?

The rollercoaster experience of skydiving in Goolwa is set to astound with an unmatched ‘Big Dipper’ impact like no other. Your pre-skydive nerves will be on high alert as you ascend to altitudes between 11,000 feet and 15,000 feet. But that’s only the beginning. You will plunge from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour, for a heart-pounding up to 65-second free fall on your tandem skydive. The best is yet to come as you float like a bird for between five and seven gravity-defying minutes, before touching base amid the most serene surrounds. Your post-adrenaline South Australian skydiving rush will undoubtedly impart even the most experienced skydivers with a taste for more.

How long are you in the air when you skydive in Goolwa?

When you take into account the spectacular scenic flight of 20 minutes, free fall of around 60 seconds and floating back to earth for up to seven minutes, that’s a total of 28 minutes of unforgettable airtime in your tandem skydiving experience.

Is skydiving in Goolwa safe?

Skydiving in Goolwa is not only conducted to the highest safety standards, but is set to make a lasting impression in mind, spirit and sightseeing potential. The expert skydiving operators are adept at putting your mind at ease in providing comprehensive safety briefings, constant reassurance and encouragement in achieving your high-flying aspirations. Your tandem skydiving instructor will be with you every step of the way and, as you plunge together into the clear-blue sky, skydivers will not only feel completely secure and at one with nature, but exhilarated like never before. Skydiving is a weather-dependent activity, so conditions must be pristine before your skydiving professionals will take you to the sky and back.

Who can go skydiving in Goolwa?

Any adrenaline seeker aged 16 years and above, who craves new and exciting adventures, would thrill to the experience of tandem skydiving in Goolwa. If the participant is aged between 16 and 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must accompany them on the day to sign requisite paperwork. Those who are pregnant or at risk of heart conditions cannot participate in a RedBalloon tandem skydiving activity, due to the heart-racing guarantee of this breathtaking experience.

If your weight is between 90 kilograms and 120 kilograms, you should advise at the time of booking, as surcharges will apply. Notice is required should you need to postpone your tandem skydiving activity. Please contact the experience provider within 14 days of your scheduled event, should you wish to avoid paying extra charges. RedBalloon provides gift vouchers for tandem skydiving in Goolwa and any of the 5000-plus air, land and water-based experiences on offer. Gift vouchers are valid for 5 years, can be emailed instantly or organised to arrive in a striking red gift envelope.

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