Who said you can’t teach Mum new tricks?

As the saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” - but what about mothers?

Granted, the Internet is not often their forte and some even find navigating self-serve registers impossible. But after putting up with teenage angst and our poor (or loud) choices in music, it’s fair to say there isn’t much mum can’t handle. So consider an experience gift for mum this Mother’s Day that will keep her busy enough to stop nagging you about that mess on your bedroom floor or when you’re finally going to give her those grandchildren…

Love those who make you laugh, think and make you coffee

We all have our favourite brews that we can’t get through the day without and this gift is perfect for a coffee lover. A barista course will teach mum how to make all the drinks on a cafe menu - including her personal favourites - with industry trained instructors. Not only is this gift a fun way for mum to meet new people and learn a new skill, but it’s industry recognised - so mum can show off her pouring talents in a professional environment, or just learn for fun!

Too fast, too furious

It takes a great deal of skill and patience to navigate early morning city traffic, drop the kids off to school and make it to the boardroom in time for a 9am meeting. For the mum who juggles everything, an advanced driver skills course is the perfect opportunity for mum to learn how to get the best out of her car (and hopefully control her road rage) with a professional team of instructors. The course covers acceleration, under-steering and over-steering with a focus on defensive driving. So mum can spend more time getting her beauty sleep and less time in traffic!

Put your best face forward

There’s no denying that a big part of a mother’s job description includes selfless labour for her children. Give mum the opportunity to pamper herself and learn some tips to make her morning routine simple and her look flawless with a makeup masterclass. Mum can learn the latest in makeup trends and techniques to refresh her look and have her feeling younger and more beautiful. With a live demonstration from some of Australia’s best makeup artists mum will learn to master her brush and application skills and her own modern signature look.

You CAN have your cake and eat it too

Mother’s Day is by no means a time to be selfish, but it’s hard not to recognise the benefits in helping mum develop her baking skills with a patisserie masterclass. Perfect for the mum (and children) with a sweet tooth, this is a fun way for mum to master her (and your…) favourite desserts. When profiteroles, pastries and eclairs are involved, mum will be a crowd favourite with friends and family! This gift is a great way to earn yourself some literal and figurative brownie points.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on

What do mum and Michelangelo have in common? We’re not sure either, but it seemed like a good opening line…. With a three-hour workshop for beginners mum can indulge in her creative side and try the art of sculpture. Professional artists will demonstrate how to use practical methods to create sculpture, and mum is welcome to take her artwork home to add to the Paper Mache creations of yours she’s still holding onto from kindergarten.