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Hot air balloon rides NSW

Soar sky high with our range of hot air ballooning NSW experiences. Drift gently above the Hunter Valley wine region followed by a gourmet breakfast or see Sydney and surrounds from a birds eye view. There are plenty of hot air balloon NSW experiences on offer at RedBalloon that’ll bring out your inner dreamer. Discover our entire hot air ballooning range for flights across Australia.

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Hot air ballooning NSW

The premier state of NSW is blessed with premium natural splendours and experiences to match the views from up high. For the cream of this rich selection, it’s impossible to overlook the exclusive Hot Air Ballooning Over The Hunter Valley – For 2, which is only available at RedBalloon. Setting sail in romantic style, high above the world-class Hunter Valley wine region and enjoying a sparkling wine breakfast afterwards, is without doubt one of the best hot air balloon rides in Australia. But wait, there’s more. RedBalloon also offers equally thrilling hot air balloon rides over Mudgee and the Sydney Macarthur region. These unforgettable events make a perfect gift idea for all special occasions. Hot air ballooning NSW adventures can be ordered online at RedBalloon, with more than 5000 land, air and water-based experiences on offer. RedBalloon gift vouchers can also be purchased online to redeem NSW hot air ballooning events and all others on offer. Vouchers, which are valid for 5 years, can be emailed to the gift recipient or designed to arrive in a striking red envelope.

How much does a hot air balloon ride cost in NSW?

The exclusive Hot Air Ballooning Over The Hunter Valley – For 2, including your ballooning adventure for two to remember and gourmet breakfast complemented by a glass of regional sparkling wine, costs a total of $578 per couple. Our hot air balloon rides in NSW start at $279. You could also choose to order the Hot Air Ballooning Over Sydney Macarthur region package, which also includes a deluxe Champagne breakfast and equally splendid scenery. This mesmerising event takes place less than an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD. There are also hot air ballooning NSW packages over Mudgee, which also include sparkling breakfasts and views to match.

What does the hot air balloon NSW experience include?

Spectacular wine country, blissful rural scenery, coastal and mountainous splendours and city skylines are yours for the taking in all hot air ballooning NSW experiences. Elevated excellence from any location goes hand in hand with award-winning tour companies when you book from the range of hot air ballooning NSW events that are available online at RedBalloon. Your hot air ballooning adventure will include absorbing the unforgettable sights of the distinctive scenery below, followed by a gourmet breakfast for two.

What will I see hot air ballooning?

You’ll have the world at your feet with the exclusive Hot Air Ballooning Over The Hunter Valley – For 2. As you set sail high into the sky, experiencing the dying night transformed into day, you will absorb the picturesque vineyards of one of Australia’s premier wine regions. If you’re hot air ballooning over the Sydney Macarthur region, you’ll drift high above the spectacular Blue Mountains and the region’s landmark historical properties. If in the burgeoning wine region of Mudgee, the view below will ensure a rustic masterpiece with its mixed palette of rose-gold-coloured skies, verdant pastures and rolling hills.

How long does the hot air balloon ride last?

Your hot air balloon ride at all events throughout NSW will last for an awe-inspiring hour of unforgettable memory-making potential. The experience duration is four hours in total, with your unforgettable hot air balloon flight encompassing a full hour of sightseeing splendour.

What to wear hot air ballooning?

It’s important to feel comfortable and ready to embrace the experience and weather conditions. You should wear jeans, T-shirt, a light or heavier-weight jacket and enclosed footwear. Heels and spiky shoes will not be permitted in the hot air balloon basket and it is standing room only for up to four people per flight.

What time will my hot air ballooning start?

Your NSW hot air balloon ride departs 45 minutes before sunrise and, prior to take-off time, will include a full safety briefing.  Your expected time of arrival for the big event can vary between 4am and 6:30am, according to the season and location. If you have any queries about departure times, please contact your NSW supplier directly for all relevant details.

How high does a hot air balloon go?

Commercial hot air balloon flights typically scale heights between 1200 feet and 3000 feet. For maximum viewing pleasure, they dip slightly, hovering at around 1000 feet high. This optimum elevation affords the most mesmerising sightseeing opportunities for awe-inspiring brilliance of the sunrise-bathed landscape below.

What if my flight is cancelled?

Your hot air balloon pilot will give you plenty of warning if the flight happens to be cancelled due to inclement weather or other restrictions. Rest assured that your hot air ballooning events in NSW will be postponed until the next available opportunity to absorb pristine conditions, spectacular sights and an unforgettable high-flying experience.

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