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Hot air balloon rides Sydney

Enjoy awe-inspiring hot air ballooning Sydney experiences from RedBalloon. You’ll experience breathtaking sunrise views in areas like the Hunter Valley, Macarthur Region and Mudgee. Take to the sky and tick off a hot air balloon Sydney experience from your bucket list today. Discover our entire hot air ballooning range for flights across Australia.

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Hot air ballooning Sydney

There is nothing more tranquil, scenic and slow-burningly spectacular than floating sky high as sunrise paints the surrounding landscape a Monet-worthy masterpiece. RedBalloon offers a mesmerising selection of hot air ballooning packages at Australia’s most desirable destinations, including Sydney and surrounding regions.

How much does a hot air balloon ride cost in Sydney?

RedBalloon offers a range of hot air balloon flights near Sydney that vary in price. These experiences start at $279 per person for a flight over the Macarthur Region. We also offer packages for 2 people plus more so you'll find the right experience for you! You could also choose from a selection of hot air ballooning flights over Byron Bay, Mudgee and the Hunter Valley.

What to wear hot air ballooning?

Depending on the season, you should aim to dress comfortably and suitably for pre-dawn weather conditions. Enclosed, lightweight footwear is a must and, please, ladies: no spiky heels or any attire that’s going to weigh you down.

Is it safe to go hot air ballooning?

Hot air ballooning is not only one of the most breathtaking events you can experience high in the sky, but also one of the safest. The hot air ballooning operators put your safety first, with a full briefing and demonstration of all safety equipment upon arrival. Expert pilots will steer the craft in high style and also anticipate any weather or natural impediments, should they arise.

Where do we meet?

The Sydney hot air ballooning experience departs from Campbelltown, which is located an hour’s drive from the CBD. Your event supplier will advise of directions. Flight time is 45 minutes before sunrise, so get an early night’s sleep to fully enjoy the heights and sights. For all other NSW hot air ballooning events, your pilot will advise of departure points and expected times of arrival.

What does the hot air ballooning Sydney experience include?

The Hot Air Ballooning Over Sydney Macarthur Region – For 2, and all other NSW hot air ballooning events, are up to four hours in duration. They each include a one-hour hot air balloon ride high above the spectacular Blue Mountains and the region’s landmark historical properties. If you are hot air ballooning over the Hunter Valley, you’ll absorb the rustic splendours of this renowned wine region. Floating high in a hot air ballooning experience over Byron Bay affords spectacular coastal scenery. If in Mudgee, the view below will ensure a rural masterpiece in a mixed palette of rose-coloured skies and lush green rolling hills. Don’t forget to bring your camera for capturing the scenery from this bird’s-eye view. On-high romantics will also be offered a gourmet a la carte breakfast after these breathtaking events to celebrate their highly inflated experience.

How do I find out about my flight details?

The Sydney and all other NSW hot air ballooning pilots will confirm every detail about your meeting point and take-off time the night before your flight.  Once your order or RedBalloon gift voucher has been redeemed, you will be required to contact the event supplier the night before your flight for reconfirmation and to be provided with all necessary touring information.

Where are the Sydney hot air ballooning locations?

Apart from the Macarthur Region hot air ballooning experience, which is based in Campbelltown, RedBalloon also offers the chance to experience hot air ballooning and gourmet breakfast high above the renowned Hunter Valley wine region. This exclusive event is based in Pokolbin, which is about a two-hour drive north from the Sydney CBD.

Why choose RedBalloon?

RedBalloon is a leading online gift retailer with more than 18 year’s experience in offering more than 5000 land, air and water-based adventures throughout Australia. You can also order all of these exhilarating experiences online and choose to purchase RedBalloon gift vouchers, for the recipient to redeem the priceless range on offer. RedBalloon uses only the most professional and trusted operators in the country for all of these adventurous pursuits. From a career perspective, RedBalloon also ranks regularly as one of the best employers in Australia. When it all adds up, RedBalloon is the only place to turn for priceless experiences at costs to suit most budgets.

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