Birthday Christmas Gifts

So, your birthday falls in December, or worse, Christmas day. Over the years, your birthday celebrations/after thought, have been combined with Christmas get-togethers and your friends and family are guilty of forgetting on the odd occasion (not that they'd admit to it). Like the time your mum rang on your birthday, but didn't wish you. She did however mention during the phone conversation multiple times, she wished the neighbour would park his car further away from her driveway.

You’re no stranger to the old 2-for-1 move which involves receiving one gift and having the person who hands it to you say with extra enthusiasm, “This is for your birthday and Christmas!”, as if wishing you in a high pitched voice and slapping on a crazy big smile really makes up for the fact they only bought you the one gift. But that’s OK, you’ve been taking note... all these years... and now it’s time to cash in. This year you want awesome gifts! Amazing gifts! Gifts that will put things right. So, just for you December babies, a list of gift ideas to send to your loved ones to make up for all those, 'merry happy Christmas birthdays.'

A helicopter flight
Swimming with dolphins
A weekend away
Hot air balloon ride
A skydiving experience
A dinner cruise

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