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Indoor skydiving Brisbane

It’s time to bring out your inner adventurer with one of our indoor skydiving Brisbane experiences! Perfect for kids, adults and groups, our indoor skydiving flights will let you enjoy the ultimate rush of free falling without having to jump out of a plane. Whether it’s your first time, you’re looking to practice before taking on tandem skydiving or you’re simply looking for a fun thing to do, you’ll find the perfect experience for you with our Brisbane indoor skydives.

Indoor skydives Brisbane

If you’re looking for an action-packed activity or for a unique gift that will blow them away, then our range of indoor skydiving experiences located in Brisbane, Queensland are the way to go! The iFLY Brisbane facilities are state of the art which allows you to have the time of your life knowing you’re in safe hands with an experience team of professionals. It’s the best way to get a few practice goes in if you one day want to conquer a real world skydiving Brisbane experience. The facility replicates the feeling of free falling from 14,000 feet using a wind tunnel in the skydiving simulator. You can practice for a real deal tandem skydive without the nerves or fear of heights.

At RedBalloon you’ll find that we offer between 2 flights up to a 10 flight package which are suitable for all ages starting at 3 years old. This makes an indoor skydive the perfect activity for kids, teens and adults. It’s one of the most popular experiences to do on the weekend and during school holidays when you’re looking for activities that will keep the whole family entertained! The best part about is that indoor skydiving prices aren’t through the roof. Starting at $99 for 2 flights and ranging to $419 for a 10 flight package for family and friends, you’ll find the best experience for you. Our indoor skydiving packages are designed to accommodate a majority of people without feeling like they have to break the bank to experience it.

Is it safe to go indoor skydiving?

RedBalloon takes the safety of its customers very seriously which is why all the ifly indoor skydiving experiences includes a safety briefing, pre-flight training and a one-on-one instructor to guide you through the flight. However, to ensure your safety, participants must be under 136kg, cannot be pregnant, wearing a hard cast or previously dislocated their shoulder. Your instructor will train and support you throughout the flight to teach you the perfect twists, turns and intricate manoeuvres to maximise your time and space in the air.

What do you wear for indoor skydiving?

Please wear well-fitted, lace up shoes like runners or sneakers to ensure they are comfortable and secure during your flying experience. Any lose footwear is not recommended at the risk of them falling off mid flight. You can wear casual clothing, preferably pants and shirt without a collar. You will be given a flight suit on the day that is worn over the top of your clothes so please keep this in mind when choosing your outfit. The purpose of the flight suit is so instructors can grasp the handles on the suit should you need spotting. Otherwise any other equipment you need will be provided. If you require to wear glasses, you will be given larger goggles that fit over the top of your eyewear. However you should remove any items that might flap around or become loose such as jewellery, watches and hair accessories. Please also remove everything from your pockets before the experience. There are lockers at the facility that you can store belongings in but we recommend leaving anything valuable at home to make sure no items are lost or stolen.

What do you feel when you do an indoor skydive?

If you’ve never experienced skydiving or indoor skydiving before, the feeling is quite sensational. Once you are suspended in the airflow of the vertical wind tunnel, it mimics the feeling of free falling from 14,000 feet in the air. It’s the perfect mixture between flying and floating without the fear of heights or having to jump out of a plane. Your instructor will teach you how to stable your body position to make the experience as fun and smooth as possible. During the experience many people often feel free and exhilarated, which is why so many people want to try it again and again!

There are plenty of amazing indoor skydive Brisbane experiences on offer at RedBalloon! Don’t know which one to pick? Don’t worry, you can always choose a gift voucher and decide later. A gift voucher can be used to purchase any indoor skydiving package available on RedBalloon. Find out more about our gift vouchers.

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