Platinum Crystal 10 Way Necklace

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  • One necklace, 10 ways; change your look throughout the day!
  • Magnets make it easy to use
  • Storage bag

This necklace is like 10 accessories in one! Change up your look throughout the day with this piece of jewellery that will astound you with versatility. Whether you're heading to the office, catching up with friends or going on a special date; or all three, you'll be able to accessorise on the go.

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What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Platinum Crystal 10 Way Necklace
  • Storage box
  • Free delivery 

Maria, founder of Maria Nicola is a firm believer in the transformative aspect of jewellery, it can take an outfit from average to elegant instantly and more importantly it can have a positive impact on your confidence. She knows that jewellery can make it's wearer feel beautiful and glamorous and she believes that every woman should be able to feel this way, even if they're super busy. She created the 10 Way Necklace for women on the go who love to accessorise their outfits, but may have limited time to do so. No matter what you're wearing or what occasion you're dressed for, you can easily throw on the necklace and find multiple ways to wear it.

There are 10 distinct looks you can create; a one strand short necklace with charm, a plain one strand short necklace, a mid length necklace with beaded accents, a multi strand mid length plain necklace, a multi strand mid length necklace with an asymmetrical accent, an extra long necklace, a long necklace with a multi strand accent, a chunky bracelet, a fine bracelet and a long necklace with an asymmetrical accent. 


  • The necklace is made from Crystal beads