Drop Interactive Kitchen Scale


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  • Intuitive kitchen scale that works with iPad recipe app
  • Bake perfectly every time with this handy kitchen gadget
  • Scale can readjust recipes depending on ingredients and desired serving portions

This scale works with your iPad to ensure you have no trouble whipping up baked goods at home. The scale and app - installed on your iPad - work together to not only show you the recipe, but to determine if your measurements are correct and can also readjust recipes according to your specifications.

  • Free Delivery
Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • Drop scale
  • Recipe app
  • Free delivery

You'll never #fail at baking again! With this awesome, futuristic gadget you'll be cooking up a storm in your kitchen, impressing friends and family with your newfound baking skills. Moist sponges, delectable cupcakes and the perfect cookies - you'll be cooking and devouring them in no time with the Drop Scale to guide you. This initiative scale works with the recipe app installed on your iPad to make sure you have the correct measurements every time and even readjusts the recipe if you are missing an ingredient or want to make less or more portions. Easy to use and with the capability to support an 'auto progress' function (that means you won't touch your screen with dirty fingers) this scale is your new best friend in the kitchen!