The ultimate foodie wish list: Valli Little's top 5

Widely regarded as one of Australia’s most exciting food writers, Valli Little’s passion for food shines through in her recipes. Valli – now a freelance food and travel writer – was food director of delicious magazine for 15 years. Her newest cookbook, My Kind of Food, will be released in March 2017. Here, Valli shares the experiences she'd like to receive for Christmas.

#1. Handmade sausage making cooking class

Being English, I love a good sausage. But I have long found it difficult to find sausages in Australia that live up to the great British banger. I would love to make my own, so this would be the perfect place to start.

>> View handmade sausage making cooking class 

#2. Indian delicacies cooking class

One of my other great loves is Indian food. And at the heart of all great Indian dishes are wonderful spices. I think this course would really improve my knowledge and help me come up with some great Indian recipes.

>> View Indian delicacies cooking class


#3. Great Grange Tour at Penfolds Magill Estate

It would be amazing to tour one of Australia’s oldest – and certainly one of its most famous – vineyards. I have never had the chance to try Grange, so what a wonderful opportunity to taste it where it’s made.

>> View Great Grange tour at Penfolds Magill Estate 

#4. Artisan cheese tasting appreciation course

Australia is producing some very fine cheeses these days, particularly by small artisan makers. I would love to know more about their craft, so this course seems a perfect opportunity to learn (and taste some great cheese at the same time).

>> View artisan cheese tasting appreciation course

#5. Duck demystified cooking class

Duck is one of the hardest birds to cook well. So it would be great to learn some tips and tricks from a master for getting it right. I am a firm believer that you learn something new every day, particularly when it comes to food. 

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