Mother's Day Etiquette

She’s your number one fan – the person who helped you learn and grow and the person who’ll always have your back. If you count your mum as one of your closest friends, then you’d better mark May 8 in your calendar – this is one day you don’t want to forget. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to make Mother’s Day extra special.


Do: Write her a card. This is the absolute bare minimum – some would even call it Mother’s Day 101. Take the time to let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for you, and don’t write it on the back of a napkin.

Don’t: Forget the date. Set an alarm in your phone or write it on a post-it note on your bathroom mirror. If you call after midday, she’ll know you’ve forgotten.


Do: Bring her fresh flowers.

Don’t: Pick them from someone else’s garden (or even worse, her own!)


Do: Make her breakfast in bed with a pot of her favourite tea.

Don’t: Forget to wash up and leave the kitchen looking like a bombsite.


Do: Organise a dinner out at her favourite restaurant or cook her a meal at home.

Don’t: Assume that she’ll cook dinner for you and your siblings because that’s your normal Sunday night routine.


Do: Think about her as a person and what she enjoys doing outside of her normal weekly routine. Tickets to a show, a spa voucher to relax, a gift certificate to her favourite store or something homemade shows you care. The more thought you put in, the better!

Don’t: Buy her a practical gift. She won’t appreciate a kitchen appliance or cleaning product. If you get her a frying pan, she’d be justified in hitting you on the head with it.


Do: Be generous. Think of how much you owe your mum for everything she’s done for you. This is a day that’s all about her, so you should make her feel special.

Speaking of how much you owe your mum, check out this video…