Foodie Gift Guide

by Claire Young

If your friend or partner more interested in foie gras over footy and truffles over trashy TV then listen up! From chef-quality knives to once-in-a-lifetime gourmet experiences, we’ve got a huge selection of gifts that will send them on a one-way trip to foodie paradise.  Special occasions have never tasted better!

Beer Tasting

Beer is about so much more than cracking open an can on a stinking hot day. Boutique beer is so hot right now (not literally), and with small bars popping up across the country, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the wide array of different types of ice-cold brews. We have brewery tours, beer and BBQ cooking classes, beer brewing and historic beer tours just to name a few.

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Cooking Classes

If your special someone loves food, but isn’t sure where to start when it comes to preparing it from scratch, then a cooking class is the ultimate gift. They’ll learn how to turn any ingredient into a gourmet mouth-watering dish.  We have classes including (but not limited to) American smoking BBQ, pizza making, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish fiesta, Italian, French, sushi & sashimi, dumplings and Mexican – the opportunities are endless.

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Dining Out

Looking to impress the most discerning food connoisseur? That can be tough. The good news is we’ve handpicked some of the best restaurants across Australia that will blow them away. We’re talking money can buy experiences like a seaplane flight to Jonah’s Restaurant, high tea in the Melbourne Star and private helicopter rides followed by private picnics. From progressive dining to 10-course degustation dinners and hatted restaurants, let them live like a foodie king.

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Food Tasting

Are they the type of person who finds it hard to make a decision at a restaurant? Are they likely to suffer from food envy? Keep their taste buds guessing on a food tasting experience. They’ll be able to try all sorts of decadent delights to satisfy their thirst for the unknown. From food walking tours to cheese and wine tasting, we offer gourmet tasting experiences in every state and territory across Australia.

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High Tea

Pass the scones with jam and cream! If your foodie loves the finest things in life, then take a trip back in time to the 17th century with a high tea experience. The tradition of high tea started back then as a meal served in the afternoon. It's hard to believe, but it used to be a meal just for working-class families. They would return home for afternoon tea and eat their treats standing up at tall tables – hence why the tea was, ‘high’.  High tea experiences have come a long way since then, and it’s now commonplace for friends and family to share a pot of tea together with finger sandwiches and sweet treats. Just don’t forget to hold your pinkie up in the air while you sip!

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Gourmet Hampers & Gifts

The perfect gift for food lovers and wine aficionados, gourmet hampers and wine packs can be delivered straight to their door. Whether they love savoury snacks, sinful sweets or a gorgeous bottle of wine, delight and impress the hardest-to-buy-for friends.

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Wine Tasting

If the person you’re buying for answers “Yes please” when asked whether they’d like a red or white with dinner, then we’ve got just the gift. A wine tasting experience is the ultimate indulgence. They’ll never confuse fruity with woody again after a day of wine appreciation.  We offer tours and tastings in some of Australia’s most famous vineyards including the Barrossa Valley and the Hunter Valley.

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