Amazing wildlife videos from our customers

Ever wanted to give a platypus a belly rub? Swim with dolphins and seals? Or pat an African serval cat? Well you can! Check out these amazing up close and personal animal encounter videos from our customers while on their recent RedBalloon experiences.

"Once in a lifetime experience!"

"I have to say, this was incredible. I can't think of anywhere else in the world where you could have such an experience. The platypus I met was soooo friendly and playful. It was such a surprise, knowing how shy and independent they normally are. She just wanted belly rubs and cuddles the whole time, and the staff were lovely, informative and so helpful. You could tell the animals were well looked after. Given how expensive it is to feed one platypus every year (they eat three times their body weight every day!) and that this facility is a rehabilitation centre as well, I felt the cost was well justified."

>> Platypus encounter at Healesville Sanctuary, Yarra Valley VIC

A platypus that loves belly rubs


"A great time guaranteed!"

"Although we weren't lucky enough to see any dolphins we did get to swim with some very playful seals which was an awesome experience in itself and well worth the trip! The tour guides were very relaxed, knew their stuff and went out of their way to make the tour was as enjoyable as possible. I personally had never been snorkelling before and felt very comfortable in the water with the guides at all times. Would highly recommend this day experience to anyone!"

>> Swim with dolphins and seals, Queenscliff VIC

Inquisitive seals in Queenscliff, VIC


"Such an amazing experience!"

"This experience was fantastic! As a huge dolphin lover, I was so excited and I was definitely not let down. We got so close to the dolphins and seals and they were so playful! The crew did everything they could to ensure we had the most incredible time! I would recommend this experience to anyone!"

>> 3 hours swim with dolphins and seals, Mornington Penninsula, VIC

Swimming with dolphins at the Mornington Peninsula, VIC


"Wonderful interaction and photo opportunities."

"The cats were well-behaved and the staff were friendly and informative. Allowing for only small groups made for quite an experience. I would recommend this for all ages."

>> African cat encounter at Werribee Open Range Zoo, Melbourne, VIC

A close encounter with an African serval cat at Werribee Zoo, VIC


"I can't recommend it enough."

"We were very lucky on the day to encounter a large pod of dolphins almost immediately, and smaller pods over the next 2 hours. Even though only one person is allowed in the water at a time, turnover was quick. When you're not in the water you can sit on the bow of the boat to dolphin spot and take pictures. The guys who run the cruise are knowledgeable, professional and more than happy to answer questions. It was an incredible experience."

>> Swim with wild dolphins cruise, Forster Mid North Coast, NSW

Wild dolphins swimming in the waters of Forster, NSW

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