Why Salesforce Use Employee Vouchers As Rewards - Case Study

RedBalloon For Business

How two big players team up to deliver smiles all round

RedBalloon has been representing Australian experience businesses for 20 years. And during that time, we’ve seen how our corporate clients can leverage the gift of RedBalloon vouchers to really make a difference to their people – increasing loyalty and connection, and injecting a bit of fun into proceedings!

One such company is Salesforce. Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. As a fast growth business, and a major global business they have team members working everywhere. Team members who reside anywhere coming together for projects and assignments. This has been a way of being both agile and adaptable for client needs. They had remote team members well before 2020.

What’s also impressive is the way it supports the 3000+ Australia/ Pacific employees – and the Australian economy at the same time. In 2018, Salesforce was voted by Great Place to Work as the Best Workplace in Australia (they’d been second the previous year and winners the year before that.) They were also voted the number one best place to work for women in 2018 by Marie Claire magazine too.  

Putting employees’ needs first 

So what exactly makes Salesforce such a great employer? It’s a combination of things: “Purpose beyond profit” is its credo, and it’s very much evident they’re a progressive and inclusive employer. It allocates one per cent of all products, people and resources to not-for-profits. Its employees are encouraged to volunteer up to seven days a year for causes they care about. Equal pay is non-negotiable (Salesforce spent $8.7 million to close the gender pay gap). All in all, a great place to work. 

And of course, Salesforce love to give its team RedBalloon vouchers.

Salesforce: Vouching for RedBalloon Vouchers  

Executive Assistant to the ANZ CEO, Rachael Howard, says Salesforce and RedBalloon have been working together successfully for a long time. “We give the vouchers as recognition for outstanding contributions. They can be congratulatory as well, for things like weddings and engagements.”  

Rachael finds dealing with RedBalloon very easy: “My contact couldn’t be more helpful or pleasant to deal with, and my requests are always met so quickly!” The vouchers are a simple and enjoyable way for Salesforce to recognise people within their organisation. And because people get to choose their own experience, it’s a highly personal way of saying “Thanks”, or “Well done.” 

“I would 100% recommend RedBalloon to other businesses,” says Rachael. “We get so much enjoyment in giving them to our employees, as they do in receiving them.”  

“For several years we have used RedBalloon vouchers to give to team members unable to attend our end of year team events. We know that people work hard all year (especially this year) and our end of year events are something to look forward to. So when people cannot physically get to an event we still want them to have an ‘experience’ perhaps with a friend or family member” 

This year more than ever it will be important to acknowledge the year that was, and celebrate. We know it will be harder to get people together or to host events – so quite frankly a RedBalloon voucher (so that people can make their own celebration), will be just the ticket.” 

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