V8 Experiences Reviews

by Trisha Mee

If you've always wanted to experience the thrill of tearing up a race track, now is the time to do it! We have new V8 supercar experiences that will get the heart thumping and the adrenaline pumping. It's the perfect gift or experience for those who like to live life in the fast lane, but don't just take our word for it - these RedBalloon customers also give our hot lap experiences the green light.

"This experience was insane."

"The on-track preparations, registration, briefing etc, were efficient and without any delays. This was my second V8 experience and it was so much better. Sandown is a blast! What a great track and great cars. Can't wait to book it again, but more laps next time. Awesome!!!"

>> V8 race car driving - 4 Laps, Sandown Raceway, VIC

"I highly recommend this experience even if you aren't a petrol head."

"I congratulate V8 racing experience on the professionalism of the day, from the information received beforehand and the kind, warm welcome at the registration to the genuinely informative driver's briefing! The driving of a V8 around Sandown Raceway is one thing, but the option to get a framed photo and a personalised video on USB made a great experience into a lasting one! My thanks and a big well done to the driving coach who was thoughtful, insightful and encouraging, and to the staff on and around the track - nothing was too much trouble!"

>> V8 racing drive and ride combo package - 9 laps, Sandown Raceway, VIC

"An awesome experience."

"Very well organised, and friendly staff. I was absolutely wrapped that I got a Holden :) and the male driver was fantastic! I had the best time and will never forget it. Loved it and I will be back. Thanks to everyone involved!"

>> V8 race car front seat ride - 3 Laps, Sandown Raceway, VIC

"A great and unforgettable experience."

"I've dreamt of doing this for a long time. It was well organised with a fantastic crew out on the track and in the car. I recommend it to anyone looking for an adrenaline rush."

>> V8 race car driving experience - 6 laps, Wakefield Park, Goulburn, NSW


"Definitely worth doing."

"This was something I had always wanted to do. It is really impressive what these cars are capable of. I'll definitely be back."

>> V8 race car driving experience - 7 laps, Norwell, Gold Coast, QLD 

"Sooo much fun!"

"I had the best time doing the hot laps and reaching speeds of up to 130kms around corners. It felt like the car was going to spin out but I had complete trust in the driver and knew it was a safe experience. I had an awesome day and I highly recommend it."

>> Hot laps in a V8 race car - 3 laps, Norwell, Gold Coast, QLD

"A great birthday present."

"This was an amazing experience. Now that I have done it, I will definitely be coming back for more driving. It was a great day out and the service was just awesome."

>> V8 supercars drive and ride combo - 9 laps, Norwell, Gold Coast, QLD

"The best experience I have ever had."

"My RedBalloon hot lap experience was the best experience I have ever had! The adrenaline was absolutely amazing. The staff treated me with respect and they were friendly which made my experience even better."

>> V8 race car hot laps experience - 2 laps, Perth Airport, WA

"Exhilarating experience!"

"Arriving for my V8 drive, I was nervous but there was no need to be. The guys are amazing experts who help you through it. I completed my laps and the experience was amazing! I now have the bug to go again but next time I'm in for 10 laps! It's well worth it for the exeperience you get!"

>> V8 race car driving experience - 2 laps, Perth Airport, WA

"This was a fantastic day."

"It was everything I had hoped for and the staff and drivers were all so friendly. I would recommend it to everyone."

>> V8 racing drive and ride combo package - 9 laps, Mallala Motorsport Park, SA 

"The need for speed."

"My 6 lap V8 drive was amazing. I did 240km on the fastest straight into the slowest corner. Best present ever! Can't wait for my next experience."

>> V8 race car driving experience - 6 laps, Mallala, Adelaide Region, SA


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