Top reviews of the month

by Elisa Parry

RedBalloon customers are out there completing a range of our experiences from hot air ballooning to skydiving to delicious fine dining experiences every day. Here’s a selection of some of the great reviews over the past month that people have shared. If you’ve got a RedBalloon voucher and you can’t quite decide what to spend it on, these reviews may just help you choose.

Top reviews of the month

Hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley

“What a beautiful experience. Upon arrival staff made sure we were well informed; the winery was easily accessible and the experience was very well organised. Such a great experience that left me feeling carried away ;-)” Toni 24/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Skydiving over the beach Wollongong

“Skydiving is an experience in itself. The staff were amazing and overall had the best time.” Madeline, 28/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Wine tasting with food platter

“Great way to get some good wine appreciation education. Thoroughly recommend doing this before you hit the wineries in general.” Bill, 27/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Swim with seals

“This experience was amazing! The seals were so cute and amazing and the staff were super friendly and happy to answer all our questions. You can tell that the staff really care about their rescue seals and don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do. Would recommend :)” Jiordyn, 27/02/19.

Front seat guaranteed heli flight

“I purchased this on a whim and honestly my only regret was not doing it sooner. I thought I’d seen sydney before, but being up there looking down on everything, it turns out I couldn’t be more wrong. The pilot was very informative and wasn’t shy pointing out the areas we were passing over, the city, Allianz Standium, Sydney Cricket Geound, Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Vaucluse and much, much more. It was such a smooth and easy experience from the minute we arrived to when we descended and left. I couldn’t recommend it more.” Nat, 25/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Narrowneck Peninsula mountain bike self-guided ride

“We completed the Hanging Rock mountain biking ride and it was fantastic. As someone who’s never gone riding on a trail it was a great starter and a lot of fun. Sam was fantastic providing lots of tips and instructions to make us feel comfortable and confident. The bikes and equipment he provided were all in great condition and we’re good quality. Would definitely recommend this experience!” Sophie, 24/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

“Was an amazing experience, organised with ease and even scored a 15% discount for Valentine’s day. Going through RedBalloon was quick, professional and no problems at all!” Court, 24/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Intro Warbird aerobatic flight

“I bought this experience for my partner as a surprise birthday gift. He had the absolute time of his life! Highly recommend!” Kate, 22/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

Manly single kayak hire

“Incredible experience! I arrived, was set up with life jacket, map showing where I was allowed to go, and dry bag. Then I was off in the kayak for four hours to do whatever I liked. The beaches on the map are some of the most amazing I've ever seen, but still quiet because they're only easy to reach from the water (one is completely inaccessible except by water!). I planned out my own adventure, visiting all the beaches and had lunch on one of them. Arms were sore afterward, but so worth it!” Jeremy 23/02/19.

Top reviews of the month

V8 buggy intro drive

“The entire experience was great. The online purchase was quick and easy, the staff were amazing and very helpful and the experience itself was exhilarating. This was given as a 19th birthday gift and was definitely a gift that left some great memories.” Michelle, 18/02/19.

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