Top 5 Daddy Blogs

by Ben Ford

Anne Geddes once said “Any man can be a Father but it takes special one to be a dad”. Well, along with Anne, dad’s too are full of wise words, and with more and more ‘Daddy Blogs’ popping up all the time, it seems they’re only too happy to share their wise words with us. Here are our top 5 Daddy blogs:

1. The Reservoir Dad

Melbournian Father of 4, Clint Greagen, pens ‘The Reservoir Dad’ blog. With humour and realness, he writes about everything from the chaos of the morning school drop off to the legacy a grandfather leaves his children and grandchildren. The Reservoir Dad won the ‘Best Australian Parenting blog’ in 2013 (Australian Writers Centre).

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2. The Dadinator

Seamus from rural Victoria is a father of 2 children and according to his blog, 2 cats, 4 chickens and a peach tree. Seamus talks about the how relationships with your kids change, the day-to-day of being a dad, a dad’s body image and much more. Worth a read for any dad.

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3. Designer Daddy

Brett Almond’s daddy blog shares his life as a gay dad to his adopted son and many other useful tips on the life of a dad. With  gift guides for the dad who has everything, travel tips for the family vacation and more personal entries such as comparisons between his son at aged 7 and himself at the same age. This blog has a little something to offer any dad. You need to check ourt 'make game night great again' which includes a guide on the drink that should accompany each board game. A genius idea in our opinion. Brett's work has been featured on BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and to name a few.

You can check out Designer Daddy here.

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The Lunchbox Dad

Dad of 4, Beau from Oklahoma, USA is the author of 'The Lunchbox Dad'. He writes mostly about creative recipes for kids lunchboxes, but you'll also find lots of useful blog posts about parenting and being a dad. With everything from 'back to school guides' and 'cleaning the house before your wife and kids get home' to 'Father's Day gift and ideas' and 'How to create themed family days'. The Lunchbox Dad also writes for The Huffington Post and among others.

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The 40 Year Old Dad

Justin P Bechtold is a comedian, screenwriter, Dad of 2 and writer of daddy blog 40yr Old Dad. This Daddy blog has all the humour you would expect from a comedian e.g. the post titled ‘Creepy things kids say to make you crap your dacks’ or ‘Video proof that our elf on the shelf is alive’.

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