The Bachelor Australia 2017

by Ben Ford

Another year, another Bachelor looking for love. This season we joined Matty J on his journey to find the woman of his dreams. And thankfully, it all worked out in the end. But if there’s one key takeaway from The Bachelor Australia, it’s that a bold romantic gesture always goes a long way. 

Abseiling, skydiving, wake boarding – on this season of The Bachelor Australia it became pretty clear that Matty was looking for a fellow adventure junkie to share the rest of his life with. Planning your next date night? Take some inspiration from some of the most romantic and action-packed moments from the show over the years… 

Skydiving The Bachelor Australia 2017
8. Take the plunge

Forget old-fashion romance, these days it's all about adrenaline. This season Matty took the girls skydiving on a group date! It's certainly one way to determine just how much of a daredevil your potential partner is. 



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Matty J The Bachelor Australia 2017 Wakeboarding
7. Take a hike

There are some beautiful hikes around the Blue Mountains, so it's no wonder Matty stole Elora away to spend some time together in the great outdoors. If you're looking for inspiration, browse our range of activities availble in the Mountains and stunning surrounds. 



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Wakeboarding The Bachelor Australia
6. Hit the water

Water sports are fun for everyone. Matty J decided to take Alex on a wakeboarding date this season. We think he might have wanted to show off his skills. He's clearly done this before... 



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5. Chocolate

We’re all for making chocolate a key component of your date but maybe Season 4’s bachelor, Richie, took it a little too far when he jumped into a bath filled with chocolate with Alex. Now we’re not suggesting you go grab your significant other and take a bath in chocolate, but a chocolate walking tour or a sweet personalised message in chocolates is sure to be a winner.


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4. Bridge Climb

Who could forget Sam and Nina’s 4 minutes and 10 second, Guiness World Record breaking smooch session in Season 3 on the on the Sydney Harbour Bridge? If you have forgotten, or think you could out-do them, why not attempt the record yourself with your very own bridge climb?


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3. Helicopter Flight

Way back in Season 1, Tim swept Anna off her feet with a helicopter ride over the Blue Mountains. Safe to say that things turned out pretty well for those two. Anna received a rose and 4 years later this happy couple is still going strong. 

2. Seaplane and Island Picnic

We’ve been treated to many harbour side outings in The Bachelor. Flash-back to Season 2 where Blake Garvey treated Holly to a romantic beach date. Ok, so things didn’t turn out so well between Blake and Holly but we reckon if he added seaplane flight to the mix things might have turned out differently... maybe not but either way, seaplanes are a pretty cool date idea


Image source: Daily Mail U.K.

1. Hot Air Balloon ride

And our number one Bachelor Australia date is Hot Air Ballooning. In Season 3, Sam and Snezana, arguably the most popular couple to come out of The Bachelor Australia floated off into the sunset and lived happily ever after. They're now expecting their first bub together. ❤


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