Gift suggestions to impress Richie from The Bachelor

Richie Strahan’s search for love is about to begin with the new season of The Bachelor kicking off tonight at 7.30pm on Network 10. Twenty-two ladies vying to make a lasting first impression on Richie will descend on the mansion and while they will no doubt all be dressed to impress, if past season's are anything to go by, one sure way to stand out from the dolled up crowd, is to come bearing gifts. We have a few suggestions that we think will get the women to at least the second rose ceremony.

Dazzle him with food

They say the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, so arriving with food ain’t a bad idea and one lady brings the best kind of food there is… BACON and in a bouquet no less! It’s a hard act to follow, but for the other ladies there are some other stand out options such as a beer and snacks hamperdelicious cookies and chocolate that spells out a personalised message, such as, “Pick me, Richie!”

Bring in Batman

If the ladies watched last seasons Bachelor (or conducted some intel), then they’d know that Richie is a Batman fan as revealed by his mum and sister. It’s a great starting point for a gift idea that’s a little cheesy, sure, but it will show they know something about the guy they’re there to fall in love with. They could go down the Batman merchandise route by gifting slippers, boxers, or socks or better yet, combine Batman with baked goods or for something a little unexpected what about a lunch cruise at Batman Bridge in Tasmania?

Embrace his hobby

Turns out Richie loves to cook, and confesses to being a secret MasterChef. So what better way to help him brush up on his culinary skills and have him cook up a romantic dinner then by sending him on a cooking class? It’s the type of gift that will keep on giving, especially for the lucky lady he ends up choosing. The other option is to give him a personalised apron and ask him to try it on - it’s a sure way to break the ice.


No doubt the ladies will have a few weird and wonderful gifts (and even a song) to present to Richie tonight and we can't wait to see what they are!