School Holidays Experiences

by Trisha Mee

Get a jump start on planning your kids' school holiday itinerary with these ideas for things to do in each state and save yourself from having to hear them moan, "I'm borrrrred" for weeks on end. You're welcome! 

New South Wales

  • iFLY indoor skydiving is a fun experience the whole family can take part in. Giant fans are used to keep you up in the air to simulate the experience of skydiving in a safe environment. You'll go home with the feeling of exhilaration and a USB of the video footage from your flight. 
  • If you're having trouble luring your teenager out of their room, the promise of a few thrilling laps in state of the art GT5 go karts on the largest indoor go karting track in Australia, might just do it. 
  • It's all fun and games at this kids circus workshop where they'll learn to walk the tight wire, juggle, make human pyramids and swing on the high trapeze! Or for more than a swinging good time, they can learn to flip and catch their way through a series of manoeuvres at a trapeze workshop

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  • It's not quite Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but this chocolate wonderland tour will satisfy the chocolate cravings of little kids and big kids alike.
  • See over 30 sights and attractions and save up to 50% on individual admissions with a 7 day unlimited attractions pass. Take a tour, go on a cruise, visit wildlife parks, museums and more, all with a flash of this pass. 
  • Drive through tunnels, water and over bumps, jumps, tyres and logs on this wild buggy off road experience. And if the kids want a turn... they can with the help of an instructor that will guide them on a thrilling drive around the course.

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  • Spend a few hours sailing the Noosa River on a family fishing and crabbing adventure! Enjoy lunch while the fish aren't biting and sample mud crab cooked up on board.
  • So many rides, shows and attractions and so little time - that's where a multi-day or unlimited rides theme park pass comes in handy. The kids can take their time to see and do everything they want to and do those things they enjoyed most again, and again.
  • For a full day of wildlife action and adventure head to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. It's a full day of wildlife action and adventure!

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South Australia

  • The Mega Adventure Obstacle Park will keep the kids occupied and active with its 65+ sky challenges including scramble nets, rope bridges, swings and totem tennis. 
  • You can't please everyone but The Beachhouse family entertainment centre might just do the impossible. With so many activities to choose from including waterslides, dodgem cars, bumper boats, carousel, mini golf, arcade games and a place to relax and have a coffee - it's a guaranteed kid and adult pleaser.
  • New movie releases are timed to coincide with school holidays, so if it's raining outside or you just need to get the kids out of the house, a movie and a bucket of popcorn isn't a bad way to kill a couple of hours.

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Western Australia


Australian Capital Territory

  • For a new and exciting zoo experience, take the kids on a behind the scenes tour of the National Zoo. Feed a variety of animals, experience rare and close-up encounters and learn more about the animals from their keepers. The zoo also has cheetah encounters where you'll get to pat these amazing African cats. 
  • Wearing armour and getting shot with paintballs might not be your idea of fun, but your teenager will love it. Kids must be aged 16 or over to participate in this full day paintball experience on a movie-set inspired course.

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  • Experience an unforgettable zip-trek and tree-top obstacle course through the beautiful pine trees of The Hollybank Forest. Filled with nets, wobbling bridges and a chance to free fall, this dizzying array of over 70 aerial challenges will leave the kids wanting more!
  • Take the kids on a tour of the historic Bruny Island lighthouse, learn about the convicts that built it and step out onto the balcony to enjoy spectacular, expansive views of the wild Tasman Sea. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of migrating whales. 

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Northern Territory

  • Go behind the scenes at Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin’s latest attraction! Participate in feeding one of the world’s most deadliest predators, the Saltwater crocodile as well as seeing crocodile hatchlings, juveniles and other reptiles.
  • Enjoy a relaxing family camel ride over the rich red sand dunes and through the spectacular desert landscape. Witness a gorgeous sunrise or sunset over Uluru and Kata Tjuta and learn about the flora and fauna from your guide along the trail.

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