Romantic Christmas Gifts

by Fong Yu

When it comes to the holiday season, it’s not the gifts we remember but the fun we had with family and friends. Spending time with your partner is the most precious gift you can give at Christmas, so when you are thinking about presents for your other half, think about things that bring you closer together.

You should consider how long you have been dating when buying a Christmas gift. In the early days, keep it simple and go for a wine-tasting lunch in the Yarra Valley over ostentatious jewellery or anything too showy. This is a great way to get to know each other without scaring the other person off. Similarly, if you have been married for a decade or two, resist the urge to be too practical or predictable. It might be time to take a Sydney seaplane to Jonah’s for lunch.

Here are some ideas for Christmas that you can enjoy together...


Whether you’re newly dating, new parents or old flames, a romantic dinner together is time out for just the two of you. But we’re not talking a snatched taco at a food truck, Christmas is a time to pick somewhere to really push the boat out, on a romantic gondola cruise with some sparkling wine or to reach for the skies with a dinner flight on a historic Silver Clipper plane. To mix it up, forego dinner for brekkie bubbles with a Chandon Breakfast by Sydney Harbour.


Day-to-day life means we often forget to do something out of the ordinary, but making time for an adventure is a great way to spend time together. How about a tallship sailing adventure on the Whitsundays? You can head out on this historic ship with lunch and take a dive with sea turtles and tropical fish on the fringe of the Great Barrier Reef. Take a twilight tour of Mornington Peninsula by kayak, then grab a post-kayak drink at Peninsula Hot Springs.

"Day-to-day life means we often forget to do something out of the ordinary, but making time for an adventure is a great way to spend time together."

couple hiking


Do you and your partner like things spicy? Take a Mexican and Margaritas cooking class, then take your new skills home to whip up a feast of fresh corn tortillas and empanadas.


Christmas is always a bit of a crazy time, so give your partner a romantic getaway for you both to chill out. Try glamping in Jervis Bay at Paperbark Camp, where you stay in a safari-style tent with a great communal dining space. If you prefer walls, how about a night away in Brisbane’s NEXT Hotel? And if you really want to impress your partner this yuletide season, have a romantic night away on a yacht moored at Palm Beach. Wake up the clinking of nearby masts, then grab a snorkel and dive off the side of your accommodation into the harbour waters. 

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