Live out your Grand Prix dreams

by Elisa Parry

The Australian Grand Prix is here and there’s plenty of people with F1 fever. If you’re not in Melbourne, and can’t get close to the action, don’t worry, there are plenty of places across Australia where you can live out your Grand Prix dreams. Here are a few experiences to get you started.

Live out your Grand Prix dreams

F1 style race car experience 24 laps

Looking for the ultimate F1 experience? How does 24 laps around the track sound. This is perfect for those who really want to get a feel for what it’s like to test the car’s limits. There are no doors, windows or bumpers, it's just you driving at unbelievable speeds!

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F1 style race car driving and hot laps combo

This experience is great for those looking to experience the thrill of a single and a two-seater racing car. You’ll have the chance to be behind the wheel, but also to enjoy a hot lap and see just how fast the professionals can make these things go!

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F1 style two-seater race car hot laps

Want to experience the rush of an open-wheel race car, but not so keen on being in control of the wheel! The hot lap option is perfect for people who want to simple enjoy the ride.

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F1 racing simulation experience

Looking to test your skills before hitting the actual race track? A smart move! Experience Australia’s most advanced racing simulation. Next stop, the Grand Prix!

V8 experiences

Tried and tested an F1 race car and looking to try something new? We have a range of V8 driving experiences across the country so you can take to the race track wherever you are!

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All driving experiences

Looking to hire a sports car? Go on a Harley ride? Or try quad biking? Whatever set of wheels you’re after, you’ll find them here!

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