Gifts for New Dads

by Rowena Grant

The first Father’s Day is something all new dads get excited about. A few things happen when a man becomes a dad:

1. He has a new, magnificent child to whom he can teach the family traditions and shape into a miniature version of himself.

2. He’s accepted into the ‘dad’ social network. (I hear they exchange dad jokes in online forums and no finger remains un-pulled at their meet-ups.)

3. He gets to celebrate Father’s Day.

While I cannot confirm that these three things are the only things that happen to new dads, I do know that the first Father’s Day is a special moment for everyone in the family. Here’s a few ideas about how to celebrate Father’s Day for the first time, be it for your son, your partner, a step-dad or a brand new father figure in your life.

New parent or family photo shoot

What better way to preserve memories of the new family than by gifting the brand new dad with a photo shoot? Yes, we live in an age where everything is photographed and, chances are, dad has a thousand photos of his child adorning his phone and his walls at work or home. However, while every Tom, Dick and Harry has a phone or camera, they don’t necessarily have the expertise in beautifully capturing a heartwarming moment between father and child (maybe you could teach the brand new dad that?). Professional photographers do this for a living and are able to get fantastic photos of the whole family together. When it comes to babies, professional baby photographers are skilled at getting those chubby cheeks to smile, laugh, or keep calm. Photos are lasting, and they’re versatile. They’re great for a brand new dad to keep for life.

Personalised dad’s cufflinks

He’s in the club now, so he needs the dad cuff links to go along with it. These are the sort of keepsake that a brand new dad can have forever, and are especially good for the dad that wears business attire on a regular basis.

Dad joke book

I’m fairly certain it is international law that dads own a joke book* with terrible jokes in it. How else are they going to build up a solid foundation of cringe-worthy comments? The joke book is a rite of passage in any case, and a brand new dad will recognise it. (Then he’ll share the jokes in it in that online forum I was talking about earlier.) If you think that he’s got the dad jokes down-pat, a personalised notebook is a good alternative. He can write his own dad jokes, then. Throw in some chocolates to round out the gift.

An outside adventure

When it comes down to it, the best Father’s Days are the ones that are spent together. Father’s Day is a brilliant time to reflect on parenthood, revel in the simple joys of family life, and spend some time outside being happy with the family in beautiful surrounds. A picnic in the park, a trip to the zoo, a beach visit, or a bush walk are all great ways to ensure the family is happy spending time together on this first Father’s Day.

To all new dads out there; Congratulations and welcome to your brand new family life!

*It’s definitely not, but why do they all have the same jokes? Why?!


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