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Skydiving Wollongong

Experience one of the most scenic and picturesque diving adventures in Australia with Skydiving Wollongong. Free fall from up to 15,000ft for 60 seconds before the parachute opens and you float back to the ground. With our range of skydives over the beach, this is one of the best places for first-timers, adrenaline-junkies or if you’re looking to gift it for someone special. Experience the exhilarating sensation of skydiving with our range of Wollongong experiences!

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Skydive over the beach at Wollongong

If you always wanted to feel the sensation of free falling from up to 15,000ft, then skydiving Wollongong is one of the best and most scenic ways to experience it. Only an hour’s drive south of Sydney CBD, this is the perfect location for sydneysiders looking to take the jump of a lifetime. If you’re travelling from interstate or around NSW, we definitely recommend trying skydiving in Wollongong as you’ll enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery as you float to the ground.

Whether it’s your first time or your hooked to the adrenaline rush of a freefall, you’ll find the perfect skydiving experience to meet your needs. Enjoy the ultimate thrill of free-falling for an incredibly 60 seconds at over 200 km/hr before the parachute opens up and you float back down to earth. Although the freefall may sound scary, it’s a truly exhilarating feeling but make sure you open your eyes once you start floating, as you’ll experience 5-7 minutes of soaring through the sky above the beautiful beaches of Wollongong and the stunning surroundings. There is no better place to skydive over the beach!

Why should I try skydive Sydney Wollongong?

If you’ve tossing up whether to try skydiving, we couldn’t recommend it more! There are number of amazing reasons why you should give it a go. Firstly, if you’re a first timer, the sensation of skydiving is unlike anything you would have experienced before. The feeling of jumping out of a plane above the world at an incredible height is something no words can capture. Whilst you may feel nervous or scared, once you’ve jumped you’ll feel exhilarated and free. Secondly, if the thought of being 15,000ft in the air scars you then there’s nothing better than conquering that fear of heights straight on! The achievement of beating that fear will be something you remember for years to come. Thirdly, why not experience this with someone special? If you’ve always wanted to try skydive Australia but haven’t built up the confidence to do it yet, why not experience it with a plus one so you can encourage each other throughout the entire journey. You’ll look back at the memories you create together that day and be talking about it for years and years!

Whether you’re a first timer, adrenaline-junkie, buying a gift or a skydiving expert, you’ll love trying a skydive in Wollongong. You’ll enjoy spectacular views (some of the best in Australia if you ask us), whilst tackling some of the highest tandem skydives with trusted instructors before landing on a breathtaking beach in South Sydney. It really is the best package around, you’ll want to go again and again! For the ultimate daredevil skydiving experience, you can even try a skydive over the beach at night…that is seriously taking the thrill to a whole new level. You’ll experience a 60 second free fall under the stars with this once in a lifetime experience.

What to wear when skydiving in Wollongong?

We often hear the question…what should I wear when I skydive the beach wollongong? Loose, comfortable clothing is ideal – you want to make sure your can move around easily in your clothes that won’t constrict you in a harness, in the plane and when you’re free falling. It’s also important you wear enclosed and secure shoes on the day…we’d hate for you to use lose a shoe on the way down! When you skydive the beach, you wouldn’t want any valuables to end up in the water so make sure you leave anything important safely on the ground before going up.

How much does skydiving in Wollongong cost?

At RedBalloon we offer a range of options so the skydiving cost can vary but we are always providing amazing deals throughout the year…so make sure to keep an eye out for them. Starting at $264 during the summer period you’re able to experience one the best skydiving in Australia at one of the highest jump distances. There are also packages available in the winter period where the skydiving Wollongong price is cheaper and amazing deals are on offer. When you see skydiving deals at RedBalloon it’s the perfect time to gift an experience no matter what the occasion – birthday, christmas and more!

What is the skydiving weight limit?

If you’re wondering what the weight limit for skydiving is or if there is a maximum, please note that instructors may take individuals up to 110kg, subject to assessment and safety officer approval. It’s also important to know that if you’re 95kg or over, then surcharges apply. There is a $50 surcharge if you’re over 95kg and $75 if you’re over 105kg (paid directly to the provider).

There is no better time then now to experience the ultimate rush! Whether you’re looking for an experience to do yourself or for an action-packed adventure to gift someone special, you’ll find what you’re looking for with our range of skydiving Wollongong. Better yet we are always offering skydive Wollongong deals throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled.

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