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Responsible Range

We believe in experiences over things and memories over material possessions. As a business, we’re on a journey to create experiences that are not only enriching but are also environmentally conscious and responsible. Products in this range have been selected because they are either eco-friendly, carbon neutral, use sustainable materials or promote sustainable living.
20 Results
20 Results

Why is there a Responsible Range?

At RedBalloon, we know better than most that human connections are deepened through shared experiences. We’re a firm believer in ‘stories over stuff’ and thrive on helping you create moments of joy.

We’ll continue to bring you an incredible range of enriching experiences, but when you come to this page you’ll know you’re booking an environmentally conscious and/or responsible experience.

This is a work in progress, we’ll continue to work with our suppliers and support them in their own goals and efforts to reduce their environmental impact to continue to expand our Responsible Range.

We see opportunities to create lasting change in our industry and across Australia and New Zealand. To bring this vision to life we’re aligning with the Good Life Goals.

What are responsible experiences?

The RedBalloon Responsible Range was created with the Good Life Goals in mind. When you shop the experiences in this selection you can do so with the knowledge they meet at least one of the following sustainability credentials:

  1. Promote mental health and well-being, hoping to help you stay well
  2. Use sustainable practices
  3. Reduce environmental footprint
  4. Encourage sustainable living

Here are a small selection of the kinds of Responsible experiences you can book and enjoy:

  • Wine and dine: Farm to table dining and wineries… these accredited operators make use of sustainable measures like solar power, renewable energy and educate about their efforts.
  • Outdoor activities: Kayaking, biking, water sports and hiking… as well as health and fitness benefits, these experience suppliers also cause minimal impact to their surroundings.
  • Getaways: Glamping and eco-friendly stays have minimal impact on the environment, are low energy use and create an immersive experience with nature.
  • Tours and activities: Jump on an eco tour with a supplier that’s taking steps to operate in the most sustainable ways possible.
  • ‘At home’ range: Bring good habits into the home and have fun without setting foot outside your front door, with cooking class experiences, workshops and more.

Why aren’t there more experiences in this range?

We’re always looking to expand the range and hope it continues to grow. Our journey is just beginning, and change takes time, for us and suppliers. All Responsible Range experiences meet at least one of the sustainability credentials listed above. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work with our suppliers to help them kick their goals and advance their journey.

Our journey to a more sustainable future

We want to make a genuine and lasting difference to the way experiences are served in Australia and New Zealand and here are some of the ways we plan to do it:

  • Champion inclusion and offer diversity in our operations
  • Embrace our social and environmental responsibility for the better of all communities involved
  • Keep this range up to date and share exciting new products as they arrive
  • Raise awareness of what we’re doing to inspire others to play their own part

Find out more about how RedBalloon (and the BRG as a whole) is approaching Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

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