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RedBalloon Founding Director

We know her from Channel Ten’s Shark Tank as the ‘Red Shark’ and the best selling author of 'Live What You Love' and 'Ready to Soar'. But she has many labels: entrepreneur, author, blogger, innovator and a passionate individual to name a few.

As an entrepreneur she founded one of Australia’s tech success stories RedBalloon in 2001. From just an idea and persistence redballoon.com.au has now served more than 3 million customers. She is a champion of great workplaces and her entrepreneurial energy focuses on REDii.com

Before founding RedBalloon she worked as a marketer with big brands, IBM, Apple, KPMG and Ansett Airlines. All of which influenced her views on workplaces.

She has written more than 1000 blogs posts at naomisimson.com since 2006 and being a LinkedIn Influencer with over 2 million followers,

Naomi has received a number of high profile awards including the 2008 National Telstra Business Women Awards for Innovation and in 2011 she won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Industry category.


RedBalloon CEO

After 8 years as an IT Management Consultant, David plunged head first into the deep ‘soapy’ water of entrepreneurship starting in Australia to eventually running the global business IMO Car Wash and washing 34 million cars across the globe each year. After a successful exit, David’s relentless commitment to the customer experience brought him to Redii. First as a consultant and now as CEO.

Why RedBalloon?

In April 2017, already in the role of Redii CEO, David took the courageous leap of getting deeper into the Big Red Group (BRG) and partnership with founder Naomi Simson. David is incredibly excited to be joining and leading the RedBalloon team as part of the BRG, as they continue 15 years of great work delivering memorable experiences and supporting Australia's small business community.

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