What your car says about you

Your choice of vehicle says a lot about your personality traits, attitudes and the way you approach life. Do you own the modern day equivalent of Fred Flintstone's Flintmobile which says 'no frills family man', or is your car more sleek and dynamic like the Batmobile which screams 'mysterious and powerful'? Read on to find out what getting behind the wheel of your car reveals about you.

Sports car

Sportscar drivers are often young with something to prove. They tend to be impatient and want results quickly without putting in the work. Their independence, possessions and gadgets matter most to them and they aspire to have the best of everything. Taking risks is part of their everyday and they never back down from a challenge. They often speak before thinking and rarely admit when they are wrong.  

What you’ll find in their car: Cool car mats
Favourite saying: “I can do that with my eyes closed.”



Compact car

Compact car owners are active, fun-loving folks who don’t like to be tied down or locked into anything. They love the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Punctuality is not their greatest strength. Weekends are often jam packed with places to be and people to see, but they’ll pick and choose if and when they make an appearance. They pride themselves on being up-to-date with the latest style trends, health-food craze, cool bands and hip new restaurant and bar openings.

What you’ll find in their car: A change of clothes
Favourite saying: “Been there, done that.”



Station wagon

Appearances and power don’t matter much to station wagon drivers.
They are far too level-headed and practical. They’re world revolves
around making lists to keep up with the demands of family members and they always put others before themselves. Saying ‘no’ is a foreign concept. They are often a voice of reason and are extremely dependable. They appreciate the simple things in life, like relaxing with a good book or sinking into a hot tub at the end of a busy day.

What you’ll find in their car: Tissues
Favourite saying: “Yes.”  



SUV drivers can often be spotted in the suburban school runs and at kids’ soccer matches. When they’re on a mission, they’ll let nothing get in their way. They are the masters of juggling multiple tasks from organising social events and extracurricular activities to making appointments and doing school drop-offs and pick-ups. The majority of their time is spent in the protective bubble of their car usually on the phone. Once they make a decision, it’s final.

What you’ll find in their car: Kids
Favourite saying: “Move it or lose it.”


Luxury car

This is a car that tells the world the person driving it is successful,
powerful and important (or at least they think they are.) Luxury vehicle owners appreciate the finer things in life, they like to be pampered and put their needs above everyone else’s. They never show any sign of weakness because they have none. They are notoriously hard to please and are always of the opinion they can do a better job.

What you’ll find in their car: Unpaid parking fines
Favourite saying: “I make the rules.”



Mini van

People who drive mini vans like to be prepared for any situation that may arise. They have a strong sense of adventure but sometimes lack a sense of direction. Mini van drivers don’t mind taking detours in life because they know the most interesting and unexpected encounters can come from them plus, they always make for the best stories!

What you’ll find in their car: Snacks & crumbs
Favourite saying: “It’s about the journey not the destination.”




Sedan drivers like a good deal and have the innate ability to sniff out a bargain. They don’t like anything overly fancy or complicated and being creatures of habit, any disruption to their routine can cause their stress and anxiety levels to rise. They’ve bought the same brand and style of pants their whole life and don’t even think about trying ‘something new’ with their favourite meals, ever.

What you’ll find in their car: Bulk buy doughnuts
Favourite saying: “Can you throw in something extra with that?”



Those who drive utes are no nonsense people who aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty. Because of their competitive nature, ute drivers never back down from a physical challenge and take up any opportunity to showcase their strength and endurance. They enjoy their creature comforts and love nothing more than a free upsize and a sleep in.

What you’ll find in their car: Food wrappers and an esky
Favourite saying: “She’ll be right.”



Here are a few exhilarating experiences that will test your driving skills: