Werribe Open Range Zoo

Warning! Seriously cute cubs ahead…

Werribee Open Range Zoo welcomed four adorable lion cubs to the family on December 13 2016. Carers have been monitoring their progress on CCTV, and now they're ten weeks old, the playful and inquisitive cubs are ready to make their first public debut on Tuesday 21st February. 

Just like in the wild, mum, Nairibi and her cubs spent the first few weeks cuddled up together in a special nesting den before being introduced to proud father, Johari. 

“These are the first cubs for lioness Nairibi and she’s doing a brilliant job — she’s completely besotted with them,” said Katherine Quinn, a keeper at Werribee Open Range Zoo who has been keeping a close watch over the new family.

The cubs have been on a steady diet of milk since their birth, but this week the cubs will get their first taste of meat. 

Werribee Open Range Zoo welcomes the birth of four adorable lion cubs

The cubs are the second set of quadruplets to be born in Australia, following the arrival of four gorgeous cubs born in November at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. 

5 fast facts about lion cubs:

• All lion cubs are born with tawny black spots which slowly fade with time

• They begin walking around 10 to 15 days old

• Lion cubs begin opening their eyes around 11 days old

• Male lions do not play a role in raising the cubs; they learn how to hunt and interact from their mum

• Lion cubs remain with their mums until the age of two; when they have become fully fledged hunters.

The cubs will be available for viewing daily between 9:30am-10:30am, but times may vary. Visit  www.zoo.org.au/lioncubs for the latest viewing times and updates. Don’t miss this rare and amazing opportunity to see the lion cubs up close!

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Werribee Open Range Zoo is located in Victoria and specialise in breeding and recovery programs for threatened species.