Three trips to turn your family into adventurers

Adventure is all about the exciting and the daring. There’s no better way to help the family bond than by getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new together.

Sometimes we get glued to our screens (don’t worry, right now doesn’t count), or we decide we don’t have the time to plan a trip. Whatever the circumstances, here are three trips to turn your family into adventurers.

RedBalloon Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Tassie has it all when it comes to adventurous experiences: mountains, beaches, wildlife, and loads of chances for family adventures. One of the must-sees is Cradle Mountain: it has picturesque views from all angles and a bucket load of different adventure opportunities.

For daring families, one of our full-day or half-day canyoning experiences will excite and challenge you. You can’t get more adventurous than abseiling, tackling natural waterfalls and water slides, and discovering Tasmania’s secret subterranean world. Just make sure you wear your thermals… that water is cold even on the warmest day!

If you’re heading there in winter, opt for a walk around Lake St Clair and take your own lunch. The nature surrounding the lake and the mountain is wondrous all year round, and breathing the fresh, clear mountain air will put you in an exploring mood.

The best feature of this area is the amazing scenery, so get as close to nature as possible by camping with the family. Spending a night together in the same tent is an adventure in itself...

RedBalloon Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast is synonymous with beaches, sun and relaxation. However, if you’re looking for ways to engage your family’s adventurous side, the area is also host to activities you can throw yourselves into: checking your aim, heading up high, or embracing the wilderness.

There are some amazing hikes on the Gold Coast, and many of them are perfect to team up with some four-wheel driving. Pile the family into the car and explore the area. Find a lesser-known beach and get away from the crowds of Surfers Paradise.

You can also head into the Gold Coast’s hinterlands and find Tamborine Mountain, home to forest walks and an enormous high ropes course! Flying foxes get the adrenalin pumping and you can work together as a family to get through some fun, daring challenges. More competitive families can use it as an opportunity to see who’s the leader of the pack. It might not be who you think! (Granny’s been doing CrossFit.)

RedBalloon Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Sydney, New South Wales

You might not think of Sydney as an adventure destination, but you’ve got to trust us when we say that there’s not much you can’t do there. Pristine beaches, rugged bushland, man-made wonders… there’s a bit of everything in Australia’s first city.

Sydney’s rich in heritage, that’s for sure. Why not go on your own exploration of Sydney Harbour? Try and spot Sydney’s first pub at The Rocks, see where the original harbour reached to at Circular Quay, and admire some of Australia’s oldest buildings. Maybe you could do it at the top of this little-known bridge

If the urban jungle’s not your style, head out to Manly and check out some natural features on a biking, kayaking and walking adventure. You won’t believe how close you are to the city centre when you’ve got water on one side and bush on the other with not a building to be seen. Bliss!

Get the family together, pack some hiking boots and go on an adventure. The best way to become adventurers is to throw yourselves into it! You might pick up some bruises* along the way, but the memories will last long after any marks have faded.

*Adventurer trophies.