Top 5 things all dads are famous for

Dads come in all shapes, sizes and with different personalities. Some are sporty and some are creative; some are doers and some are deep thinkers; some share a resemblance to Russell Crowe and some look more like Russell Coight, but they are all awesome in their own unique way. There are however some things all dads have in common, such as retelling that one story at every family gathering, embarrassing their kids, turning up and tapping out to their favourite rock anthem, telling a joke only they appreciate and imparting their words of wisdom.

We asked RedBalloon Father’s Day ambassador, Andrew Daddo, to share the classic 'dad things' he's done as a father and experienced as a son.


Which song do you love to turn up in the car and what music did your dad subject you to?

"Embarrassingly, or not, in the last month I think I’ve made everyone in the family suffer through the greatest guitar solo in the history of the world - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Freebird. Is it really the best? Possibly not, but God I love it! Dad on the other hand was into a band called Bread… enough said on that one."

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to your kids?

"Well nothing I’d define as embarrassing, of course. I have made my daughters a ‘bra cake’ (basically a cake with a bra made out of icing) to celebrate the big day. But I wouldn’t say it’s embarrassing… not really."

In what ways has your dad embarrassed you?

"His tennis shorts were too short and he plays golf right-handed with a left-handed grip, but my dad was/is pretty good, actually. "

What’s your signature dad joke that’s so bad it’s good?

"There is no signature Dad joke – it’s more the Dad joke experience; when they just dribble out of your mouth and there’s nothing you can do about it. Honestly, I’m pretty lame in the Dad joke department, but my brother-in-law has a gift!"

What’s the best or worst advice you’ve given as a dad and received from your dad?

"The best and worst advice I gave my son was before an Ironman race. There was a big swell and he was about 11.  ‘Just finish the race,' I told him. He did - eventually, but he could have disappeared in the process, but he did finish!

From my Dad, it’s more of a feeling than specific words. Be fair, be honest, be true… but I don’t think he’s ever said that to me. It’s more how he lives, or tries to."

Tell us about the story you're guilty of telling one too many times.

"It’s a camping story. Me and a mate rode motorbikes across America. AMERICA. So this one night, we were in the tent by the Mississippi River and we heard footsteps in the water. There was someone out there and we were sitting ducks... we were goners, so we took action. We summoned the courage to launch out from the tent on the offensive; to get the upper hand... and the pelican took off."

Which of your dad's stories do you know off by heart?

“It goes like this...

Dad: "You know the seventh hole at The National? The par 3?"

Me: "Is that the hole where you got the hole in one, Dad?"

Dad: "It is. But let me tell you how I got it…"

And on the subject of stories, every dad has a classic 'back in my day' story. What’s your dad’s?

"Tough? You think you have it tough? You sleep in fancy motels with TVs and toilets when you go on road trips. Seriously. We stayed in motels with shared bathrooms, or once... and you should remember this; we slept on the side of the road in a tarp. Remember that? Remember??"

What do think is the secret to a good dad story?

"An element of truth and utter, utter fantasy.”


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