Top 5 ways to celebrate EOFY

Gruelling audits, demanding deadlines, looming financial pressures and a spike in caffeine intake. Yep, it’s beginning to feel a lot like end of financial year. 

During these hectic few months, when businesses are asking the most from their employees, it’s important to place just as much effort in how you will reward and recognise their hard work. A team bonding experience is a great way to make your team feel valued as well as play a significant part in driving employee performance and engagement. Luckily for you (and your team) we’re in the business of delivering amazing experiences, so we have a few ideas on how you can all celebrate the welcome end to the financial year.

Zipline through the trees

Replace deadlines for ziplines with a team building activity that takes place amongst the trees. You and the team will fly through the forest and feel the wind in your hair on this exhilarating experience suitable for all ages and abilities. It's a few hours of fun that will bring out the inner child and perhaps the inner Tarzan or Jane in every team member.

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Raise the roof with an indoor skydiving experience

Just like skydiving, but without all the scary stuff (ie, jumping out of a plane). Workmates will enter the flight chamber and be buoyed in the air by huge fans, creating a wall-to-wall air flow which provides the same feeling as skydiving from 14 000 ft up in the air. It's thrilling, unique and the facial expressions of your fellow team mates from the force of the turbo fans will be priceless. 

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Get up and go on a quad biking adventure

Take a break from sitting behind a desk and get behind a 4-wheeler quad bike. Shout your team to a group experience where they’ll tackle terrain from muddy bush tracks to flat sandy beaches. You'll all have a great time splashing through puddles, racing each other and enjoying the outdoors. It’s the perfect group activity for workmates who are always up for adventure and like to push the limits.

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Take up an Amazing Race inspired challenge

Swap challenging days for fun team challenges. This experience will make your employees feel like a contestant on popular TV show, Amazing Race. In teams of two, you'll test your puzzle solving skills and search for clues in and around Sydney CBD. It’s fun, interactive and there will be beers and snacks waiting once everyone crosses that finish line... as an added incentive. 

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Set sail on a yacht

Turn your work crew into a deck crew and enjoy a fun and adventurous day at sea. Set sail aboard a yacht guided by a professional crew, where you can raise the sails, guide the stern, and dress up in nautical-inspired outfits - if you feel so inclined. It’s a great way for the team to bond, breathe in some fresh ocean air and forget about balance sheets.

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