Top 3 school holiday activities as rated by kids

Racking your brain for ways to keep the kids entertained these school holidays? We enlisted the help of our 'experience testers' Lochie, 11 and Will, 8 to find the best school holiday activities.

Here are their top 3 experiences:

3. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving is fun (and safe) for everyone aged 3 and up. You'll need about 2 hours for this experience (including all training).

Here's how Lochie & Will went Indoor Skydiving:


"We went to iFLY and it was really fun. It was cool as you stepped into the tunnel to feel the sensation of falling. With the help of an instructor, it is really fun and you can even go up to the top but a really good thing was that you could dress up in superhero costumes if you wanted to".


"We drove out to iFLY in Penrith. When we got there our instructor told us what we had to do when we got in the chamber. I was the first one to go in. It was fun but it felt weird once I had my feet on the ground after being in the air. After my turn, I watched everyone else go up and down."

Indoor skydiving with iFLY

2. SEA Life Aquarium

SEA Life aquarium offers loads of fun things to do and see with the kids. If you love Australian marine life then this is the place for you. Give yourself at least 60 minutes to make sure you've got plenty of time to see all that SEA Life has to offer.

Here's why Lochie & Will loved this experience: 


"Today we went to SEA Life aquarium. It was the best thing ever because of all the sea animals. The penguin boat ride was so amazing with and all the penguins and the cold lucky I bought a jumper and I hope you do this to.

The shark exhibition was really awesome! The first room had lots of jaws and we watched a cool video later on in the exhibition. We also walked through a tunnel with lots of sharks and crazy looking fish.

The Dinosaur exhibition was a step back in time with water fossils decorating the place. There were strange fish who were descendants from dinosaurs themselves. The exhibition was simply amazing."


"We got to see everything they had there. My favourite thing was the penguins; they were so cute and little and it was fun to watch them waddling and swimming.

There were also sharks and manta rays and all kinds of different types of fish - but as I said, the penguins were my overall favourite.

Lots of interesting things to see like marine animals in their habitats with their friends and family.

Overall, I think the SEA Life Aquarium is a great place to go for school holiday activities and I would give it a ten out of ten!"

SEA Life, Sydney Aquarium

1. Entertainment and Games Centre

This games centre in Alexandria, NSW has everything from tenpin bowling and laser tag to a ropes climbing course and video games. Guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun for everyone. We recommend you set aside at least 2 hours to make the most of the school holiday activities here.

Here's why Lochie & Will chose this experience as their number 1: 


"The dodgem cars were a highlight because it was really fun to bump into people. Laser Frenzy was a ton of fun dodging the lasers and some of them even flew around and hit me while I made my way through the course.

There were little characters on the bowling score screen that did funny things when you got a spare or a strike.

The Dino video game was brilliant, even though it had hard targets we got 'em in the end. The motorbike racing video game was great because it was cool to to get on a bike and drive around. It was really fun."


"The ropes course was small but there were lots of obstacles. My favourite obstacle was the one where there was nothing to hold onto, it was basically like walking on a tightrope. It was pretty hard.

The second thing I did was the dodgem cars; it was fun and I especially liked to bump my brother Lochie. You have no idea how many times I did that. It was probably my favourite thing at the activities and games centre.

Next we played a motorbike arcade game where you can ride on a motorcycle and race other people. The first two times I played against my brother but then other kids joined in too.

Then we went bowling. I was really bad in the beginning, but in the end I only lost by one point.  I was so close, it was a great shame - if only Lochie stopped getting strikes, spares and nines!"

Entertainment and Games Centre, Alexandria NSW

So there you have it, the top school holiday activities as rated by kids.

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