Single Mums Gift Ideas

Single mothers are everyday super heroes. Juggling caring for their children, running a household and often working outside the home too, single mums rarely get a break. If you know a single mum, take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to make she knows what a great job she is doing with one of these seven thoughtful gestures.

1. Buy her flowers

Being a single mum is often a thankless task, so a bright bouquet delivered out of the blue is a great way to let her know that her hard work is not going unnoticed.

2. Bring her breakfast

There’s no need to serve it in bed, but a café-worthy breaky prepared by someone else will be much appreciated by a single mum. Arrive bright and early with a bowl of Bircher muesli, drop by her favourite local café and pick up some takeaway coffee and muffins, or take over her kitchen and whip up eggs just the way she likes them.

3. Organise a child-friendly outing

An interesting social life is usually the first thing to go when a person becomes a parent. When you don’t have a partner with whom to share the load, socialising – which may simply constitute having a conversation with a fully grown adult human, about something other than Peppa Pig – is often a distant memory. Suggest a kid-friendly catch-up with your single mum pal who too often misses out on late night girls’ nights. A morning date at a museum with a good café is perfect. Make the entry tickets your shout and save any eye rolls at the kids’ less-than-perfect behaviour for later.

4. Send her on a day spa escape

Take her kids to the park and wear them out while mum has a well-earned timeout, whether it’s at the hairdresser, beautician or masseuse. She’ll relish the opportunity to have an unhurried haircut or a peaceful pedicure.

5. Give her cinema tickets and a babysitter voucher

Chances are the only movies your single mum friend has seen in the last two years are Frozen and Toy Story. Buy her a double pass to the cinema – make it Gold Class so she can enjoy a glass of wine too – and don’t forget to organise a babysitter!

6. Surprise her with a professional photo shoot

Her phone is probably full of photos of her adorable kids, but with one notable thing missing – mum. When she’s always behind the camera it means there are few photos of her with her kids. Find a photographer who specialises in tasteful, fun family shoots that aren’t too cheesy. She’ll value the memories forever.

7. Deliver her a home-cooked meal

You can probably guess who prepared the last home-cooked meal she ate. Spend a Saturday afternoon preparing a special dish, whether it’s a curry, lasagne or soup, and drop it at her front door in time for Sunday dinner. If you’re a terrible chef you can always buy her a voucher for a gourmet meal delivery service or credit at her favourite takeaway joint. She’ll love the night off cooking duty.