Personalised Gifts

Have you ever been excited by a present that contained a pair of socks? 

Unless you’ve been in the throes of an irreversible sock apocalypse it probably wasn’t anytime recently. This is because deep down most of us are sentimental creatures and we like to receive gifts that carry some significance for us. While socks are pretty handy, they aren’t something that are generally very meaningful or require a lot of thought. 

This means that non-specific gifts that could have been bought for anyone and stockpiled in the linen closet (in case of a worldwide shortage on potpourri or handkerchiefs) are well past their use by date. Generic hand creams and gift cards to stores no one has ever heard of are on the way out and it’s time to say hello to the world of personalisation.

"A study commissioned by MasterCard in 2014 found that 46% of people like to give or receive gifts that can be personalised and 44% prefer gifts with personal meaning behind them."

If you’re after a traditional present you can personalise more conventional items by sending a message in a box of chocolates or creating a homemade scented candle using their favourite fragrance. The only limit to creating a truly personalised gift is your imagination!

An easy way to personalise a gift is to simply use their name. Do you remember when you were a kid how crushed you were if you couldn’t get a novelty key ring or bedroom door plaque with your name on it? More recently, do you remember how crazy everyone went for Coca Cola’s viral “share a coke” campaign? Your name is a huge part of your identity and there is something special about seeing it printed on a product, whether it’s a $2 can of soft drink or inscribed into an expensive piece of jewellery.

personalised cufflinks

Personalised cufflinks are just the ticket for the hard-to-buy-for dad

If you’re stuck for ideas to personalise a gift, common presents such as diariescufflinks and kitchenware can be elevated to the irreplaceable through monogramming or engraving a message or even simply the initials of the recipient. If you’re in the mood for a grand romantic gesture there is even a way in which you can name a star in their honour. 

Another occasion that is tough to shop for is someone else’s wedding. Weddings are an expensive affair for all without factoring in the costs of a gift. Registries, wishing wells and an endless stream of small kitchen appliances can get old rather quickly. If you’re looking for something more memorable (and far less pricy) than a state of the art blender, it might be time to look past the wedding and start actually looking at the happy couple themselves. They might like something to commemorate their special day or they may enjoy an activity (either indoors or outdoors) that they can take part in together as a couple. If you’re feeling crafty, you could create a personalised hamper filled with all sorts of (non-perishable) food, condiments, drinks and recipes you think they would enjoy.

Creating a personalised gift is the way to go if you want a unique present that shows thoughtfulness and stands out from the crowd. These types of gifts are indulgent and fun and they're something people would never think to buy for themselves.  As an added bonus, they are practically impossible to re-gift!