8 reasons why your dog is an awesome movie date

What’s better than a night spent watching a movie under the stars on a balmy summer night? Sharing it with your favourite four-legged friend! To celebrate the release of the much anticipated animation, The Secret Life of Pets, The Moonlight Cinema are hosting a pet-friendly screening on Friday 9th December nationally. It might just be the best date you’ve been on in a while and here are some reasons why:

1. Your dog won’t finish your drink and claim they’ve left you some, when in fact what they’ve left you is that last watery mouthful from the melted ice. (But we can’t guarantee they won’t eat some of your food when you’re not looking).

2. They won’t ask questions like, “What just happened?”, What’d they say?”, or “Who’s this guy?”, throughout the entire movie and you won’t get shooshed by the person next to you for answering.

3. You get to choose the movie YOU want to watch and your pet won’t complain about it. Nor do you then have to return the favour by sitting through the new superhero/zombie movie or the latest Jennifer Aniston rom-com.

4. They’ll be happy to cuddle… in public. In fact, they’ll even initiate it.

5. If they fall asleep they won’t do so with their mouth open and snore so loudly people mistake it for a sound effect.

6. Your pet won’t call and cancel on you at the last minute and use the excuse they’re not feeling well. And, you won’t find out from your friend the next day that they spotted your former date getting cosy at the same movie with someone else!

7. They can act as your wingman. Dogs are the masters at making friends, so if you’re single and ready to mingle your furry companion might just be able to hook you up.

8. They won’t spend ages getting ready and then spend half an hour deciding whether or not to bring a jacket.

So grab a picnic blanket, your pooch (some doggie bags) and head out to enjoy a movie and pre-film entertainment including "pawtraits", pampering, selfies and doggy pedicures. 

Buy tickets to The Moonlight Cinema here.