KISA answers the call for a simple and easy-to-use mobile phone

Kiss complicated mobile phones and contracts goodbye and say "hello" to KISA, the world’s easiest to use mobile phone. KISA stands for Keeping It Simple Always and after co-founders Dmitry Levin, Dennis Volodomanov and Leon Kosher pitched their idea on the last season of Shark Tank, Naomi Simson invested $200k into the Melbourne-based company, proving that the simplest ideas are often the best.

Here’s how KISA is making mobile communication simple for those who struggle with modern technology.

Simple design

The KISA phone does away with many of the features of modern mobile phones such as digital menus, touchscreen interfaces, internet access and audio commands. Instead it is designed simply to make calls. “To achieve our goal we had to design a phone that had no screen and only required a single button to call contacts,” says Mr Levin.


Important medical information and emergency contact numbers can be stored on the rear of the phone. “We personalise every KISA phone before shipment with up to ten dedicated contact buttons that take up the face of the phone,” Mr Levin said. The phone also has a large SOS button that immediately dials emergency services if pressed.

(From left to right) The KISA phone can be customised with emergency contacts and SOS button. KISA is the only braille phone in Australia and was designed with input from Vision Australia and Guide Dogs Victoria. The various personalised KISA mobile phones.

Easy to use

The KISA phones’ simple and easy to use design including large tactile buttons that take up the face of the phone and use of large, clear font makes it ideal for seniors, those who are vision impaired, and those with limited dexterity. However parents may also see the benefits of KISA. “In the eyes of many parents, young children don’t need a phone that has apps, internet access, takes photos or sends texts. The KISA phone can simply just make calls to pre-set contacts,” said Mr Volodomanov.

Simple contracts

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) the company is able to offer the simplest mobile phone plans available in Australia exclusively to KISA phone customers. “Whilst other telcos continue to confuse mobile phone users with exclusions, flagfalls and caps, our plans are simply expressed in minutes and have no lock in contracts.”

For more information visit, KISA.

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