Hard to Please Gift Ideas

Teenagers are hard to please at the best of times, but buying them a gift they won't return is a tough task. Ever bought a teenager a gift you were sure you got right only to be told you got it so, so wrong? Well, not this year! This year you're going to nail it; they're going to love it and you'll know so because when you present your gift it will be acknowledged with more than a grunt. These are the gifts that may even get a "Cool."

Paintball skirmish

Donning a jumpsuit and being peppered with paintballs isn't everyone's idea of fun, but most teenagers would consider it an awesome day out. They get to put their strategy, stealth and aiming skills to the test while they run and cover around a specially designed paintball course with the aim of taking down the enemy. They'll have a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping, paint splattering good time.

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Surf school

If they love the sand and sea but haven’t quite mastered the technique of surfing, a surfing lesson may just be the perfect gift. They’ll learn the basics from paddling to standing on their board from an international surf coach while getting to spend their summer at the beach. And, when they become a pro surfer, you can take the credit and claim it was your gift that started it all.

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Go kart racing

For the teenage car enthusiast who’s not old enough to drive, a go karting experience provides the thrill of getting behind the wheel and test their driving skills before they get out on the road. Need to buy for siblings? A few laps in a go kart will spark some healthy competition as they race each other around the track and try to beat their own or each other's lap times.

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Indoor skydiving

Give your teenager the gift of freedom (without giving them the car keys) with an indoor skydiving experience. And the good news is, it doesn’t involve them having to jump out of a plane at 14,000 ft or the extensive training. All they have to do is step out into the air chamber and let the air flow from huge fans boost them up to experience the next best thing to actual skydiving.

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Quad biking adventure

Give a teenager a 4WD quad bike experience where they can spend a few hours tackling sand dunes, driving on dirt tracks and cruising down the beach and you'll make their day or maybe even their week! They’ll rave to their friends about the doughnuts they did in the sand and you’ll go down as the coolest parent/godparent/grandparent/aunt/uncle ever.

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