Gifts You Cant Wrap

Gift-wrapping always seems like the final insult of Christmas. After all the hard work, the trekking around crowded shopping centres and busy streets, the endless search to find just the right Secret Santa gift for Evan from Accounts, to then arrive at Christmas Eve and have to haul out the sticky tape, wrapping paper and ribbon to make everything look, literally, presentable? Fear not, because this year all the best presents aren’t easy to wrap – they’re impossible.

couple cooking together

You could buy the MasterChef enthusiast in your life a shiny new cookbook full of recipes that require three hours and two sous chefs to pull off… or you could just cut out the middleman and get them a hands-on cooking class led by some of this country’s most prestigious and award-winning chefs. We have more than a hundred different cooking classes on offer, covering every conceivable cuisine and style, for every skill level. American barbecue, French fine dining, Vietnamese noodles, Spanish tapas, Japanese sushi, Thai fusion, authentic Italian pasta and so much more. 

"Play your cards right and you’ll probably be the one to dine on the delicious results."

v8 supercar

We’ve come to terms with the fact that some people are at their happiest when they’re hurtling towards the jaws of death at 120 km/h – and who are you to begrudge your favourite thrillseeker their daily dose of adrenaline? Speed comes in many forms and at RedBalloon we like to consider ourselves a danger-lover’s buffet. Send your special someone hurtling around the racetrack in a professionally driven V8 supercar or blast them across the bays of Sydney in a high-powered jet boat. See them experience maximum Gs in a stunt-flying extravaganza or just tie a bungy cord to their legs and have them jump off a bridge. And the best part? You’re allowed to watch it all from a safe distance.

Christmas massage

What is the festive season if not a time of high indulgence? When it comes to Christmas we’re normally talking turkey, pudding and a bottle or four of red, but indulgence is a broad church and we’ve got all the pampering, beautifying and wellness experiences that anybody could possibly need. Massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and full-blown spa packages, all delivered by hand-selected professionals at outstanding prices. Remember: indulgence is not a dirty word.

kid adventurers

We’re always being told to get away from our screens and get in touch with nature. Half the internet at any given time seems to be devoted to precisely this idea…which you inevitably read about on your phone. This Christmas, rather than punching through another high score on Candy Crush, how about taking your beloved on a zip-trek adventure? Or maybe they’d be more into an expedition through the rivers and caves of your local mountains? You could even abseil down a cliff-face – the view doesn’t get much better than when you’re hanging off the side of a giant rock – or just have a leisurely, guided wildlife stroll through the forest. Then again, perhaps you just want to go swimming with sharks

"Whatever option you choose, you can be guaranteed that by the end you’ll have forgotten your phone even exists."

couple romance

You survived Christmas for another year and now it is definitely time for you to look after yourself. Oh, and your significant other. Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to romantic gestures, and we’ve got it covered in spades. Think glamorous yacht getaways and weekends at a hot springs resort. Perhaps you just want to roll the dice and jump on an all-inclusive mystery flight holiday or maybe you’re the kind of couple that would really enjoy a tandem skydive. Then there are the twilight dinners, couples spa packages and dawn hot air balloon rides. When it comes down to it, anything can be romantic – as long as you’re doing it together. Perhaps not building Ikea furniture, but you get the drift.

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