Favourite Driving Experiences

Want to give the car enthusiast in your life a gift they’ll never forget? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to tear around a race track in a V8 race car, cruise around in a classic Mustang or get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini? Our customers have been in the driver’s seat of these experiences and more, and these are the experiences that come in first place.

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"Getting sideways... Getting dusty!"

"This was by far one of the best RedBalloon experiences I've ever done. All the instructors are friendly and definitely know their way around a rally course. Although time flies by, you definitely come away with some new skills which could help you in a tricky situation. They let you choose which car you'd prefer to drive out of the Subarus and Evos - all of which are tuned to go hard. All in all, a great experience! Will definitely be telling my friends to get out there!"

- Kieran, Perth WA

>> Turbo rally drive 9 laps, WA

"What a rush!"

"This Formula Ford experience was awesome. Staff were very helpful and friendly. The ride was definitely an adrenaline rush! I highly recommend it."

- Pete, Sydney

>> Formula Ford race car hot laps, Sydney, NSW

"Lived up to all expectations."

"There is nothing that could be done to improve this experience. From the clear and simple safety brief to clear and relaxed driving instructor, you'll leave with a smile ear-to-ear and wanting to book your next awesome experience."

>> Lamborghini driving experience, WA


"Amazed by this technology toy! It was great fun and the crew was very helpful. I wish we could have done one more lap at full speed. Everyone must try this rough drive at least once!

- Amy, Victoria

>> 4WD Comp Adventure Drive and Passenger Lap - 3 courses, Geelong, VIC


"I need a Lamborghini in my life..."

"It was a great experience. They get you in the car quickly and out on the road which, in the end, is why you're there. Chris was a fantastic instructor and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. which made me feel more confident about unleashing that V10. Would definitely do it again!"

- Brad, Melbourne, VIC

>> Lamborghini Gallardo Supercar drive experience - 30 minutes, Victoria


"Best 40th birthday gift EVER!!"

“My wife bought me this experience for my 40th birthday because I am a HUGE Classic American muscle car fan. Driving the Shelby GT500 was awesome, no other word for it. From the moment I fired up the 428 engine I was smiling from ear-to-ear like a kid on Christmas morning. The owners, Pete and Jill were lovely and very accommodating. The only negative was I had to give the mustang back! I highly recommend it. I'll be booking this experience again for sure and checking out the other Mustangs on offer."

>> GT500 Mustang self drive car hire experience, VIC

"I need a Ferrari!!"

"I had an hour in the Ferrari and it was absolutely fantastic. What a car! It was like nothing I had driven before. The hour's drive made it possible to head to the hills where the power, brakes and handling could show off. And show off they did. Ian my company on the drive was great, giving me encouragement and tips to get the most out of the car."

>> Drive a Lamborghini and Ferrari, VIC

"Bucket list checked!"

"Absolutely fantastic and exhilarating ride! I would HAPPILY do it again and again! The driving instructor was very friendly, professional and gave great information on the car! What an amazing car, and an amazing experience! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! THANK YOU!"

>> Ferrari passenger ride, QLD


"Awesome fun!"

"From start to finish this experience was top shelf. Chris is an awesome instructor and pushed me to hit each corner and jump faster each lap, which really enhanced the experience. The hot laps with Chris driving was a real white knuckle ride! I even took my four-year-old son for a quick spin and he got splashed from a puddle which made his day. I'm keen to take on the stadium truck next time! I'd definitely recommend this experience!"

>> V8 buggy intro drive - 10 lap drive plus 2 hot laps, QLD

"Will book again!"

"It was an awesome day and I highly recommend it. I will definitely be booking another race day in the near future!"

>> WRX Subaru Rally 6 lap drive and 1 x V8 buggy hot lap, NSW

"A V8 at 68!"

"Who'd have thought at 68 I'd be hooning at 165kph? My kids thought it would nudge the old heart into overdrive...and it did. I'm still smiling 24 hours later and watching my personal video about what to improve on next time."

>> V8 race car driving experience, WA

"We didn't want it to end."

"My partner and I did the 4x4 half day adventure at Ragged Edge. We did four tracks together and then two with a trainer. There was so much adrenalin going through our system especially when the trainer took the steering wheel off! The tracks got harder and harder but at the same time, it was so much fun. We would recommend this to anyone and definitely will be doing it again!"

>> 4WD intro adventure drive and passenger lap