Christmas Gift Ideas

We gave him a list of experiences and he's tested them twice. These are the Christmas gifts worth giving, according to Santa's advice. 

"I'm trading the reindeer for one of these." - Santa

It’s hard to imagine anything could be better than a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, but according to Santa, a helicopter flight is the next best thing.

Pros: “Windows! I could get use to a flight that didn't involve beard tangles or copping insects in my face."

Cons: “It’s not recommended for pitched roof landings.”

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"Worth letting my belt out another notch." - Santa

It’s no secret Santa loves his food. So if he says our gourmet experiences passed his scrupulous taste test with flying reindeer colours, we’re not going to argue with him.

Pros: “The relaxing atmosphere, attentive staff and enjoying a delicious meal that didn’t end in having to do the washing up. It was also a good excuse to dust off my dinner pants.”

Cons: “Having to undo my top button in a classy establishment." 

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"The kind of Christmas rush I could get use to." - Santa

It’s not quite the same as zipping around the world in a magical sleigh, but it’s exhilarating just the same. If you’re after a gift for thrill-seekers Santa gives our driving experiences the thumbs up.

Pros: “Not having the vehicle weighed down by presents meant I could take corners faster and I didn’t have to bribe the car with carrots to get it going.”

Cons: “Helmut hair.”

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"A lot prettier than the behinds of reindeer." - Santa

Santa’s job has taken him all over the world, except the world that exists underwater. Once Santa got the hang of breathing with the scuba apparatus, it was difficult to get him out.

Pros: “The calming effect of being underwater and observing the fish and sharks close up.”

Cons: “Squeezing into a wetsuit. There are no flattering angles.”

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"If only more gifts were this light and compact." - Santa

Santa totally gets it. It can be tough coming up with a new and exciting gift for someone year after year, so by giving them a voucher, they get to decide.

Pros: "It's a gift that keeps on giving! People get to choose to redeem their voucher for an experience they've always wanted to do and those memories last forever." 

Cons: “It doesn’t require wrapping. That’s half the fun, in my opinion.”

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