Best Gifts for Mom

Show her you love her with these traditional and creative gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot to say “Thanks Mum” – it’s all about the thought and the effort. Try these ten great Mother's Day gift ideas to show mum you appreciate everything she does.

1. A beautifully written card. Extra points if you make it yourself!

2. Something to pamper her – a massage or facial is a great way to show mum you care.

3. Breakfast in bed. Just don’t leave her to clean up afterwards.

4. A day free from chores. In fact, do the chores for her!

5. Something sentimental – think a photo book of all your great times spent as a family, or a jigsaw puzzle of her favourite family photo.

6. Jewellery. Nothing says we love you better than something shiny she can wear!

7. Get really creative and place an ad in the local paper wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

8. A picnic, lunch at a restaurant or treat her to a movie. Mother’s Day is all about spending quality time together as a family, not necessarily what you wrap with paper and a bow.

9. Use your computer skills and make her a book of vouchers or coupons that she can redeem for the year to come. You can include things like a “30-minute foot rub”, “Day free from chores” or “Dinner out with Dad”.

10. Something handmade. Just steer clear from the macaroni necklaces…