Incorporate the kids into Valentine's Day

If you’re struggling to find ways to involve the kids in Valentine's Day, fear no more. We have you covered. Kids are delightful creatures who love being involved in everything, so why would they shy away from being front and centre on the most romantic day of the year?

Romanticism aside, Valentine's Day is really about love. But how can you (and should you) get the kids involved on the day?

You may have noticed the kids can feel a little jealous on Valentine's Day. Normally they tend to have your attention, but Valentines Day sees you diverting that attention towards your partner, a concept almost wholly unknown by the little ones! If you involve your kids in some aspect of the day, they’re less likely to feel left out.

So when you’re in a family with little ones, why not celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole family? Kids essentially represent the love we have for each other (even if you’re not a biological parent), so why on earth would we want to exclude them from what is meant to be a day all about love? A child expressing their love for their family should be encouraged, so here are a few ideas of what the kids can do to get involved.

Valentine's Day cookies

Turn on the oven (with adult supervision!)

Baking is a big winner for kids any time of the year, so get some mini aprons onto your little ones and try out some heart shaped cookies. Cookie dough is easy to make, fun to shape, and quick to bake. The kids will love trying to make their own shapes and seeing them come to life in the oven. They’ll also love eating them, too! (That’s after having given them to the gift recipient… in most cases.)

Valentine's Day cards

Make a card creation station

Acquire some feathers, glue, pipe cleaners, felt, textas, stickers, and (dare I say it) glitter. Get some thick cardboard and provide the kids with some blank cards. Let their imaginations run wild and you’ve got yourself a little card-making factory! But seriously, kids’ imaginations are wonderful – somewhere on the way to becoming adults we lose our fearlessness. Kids are an excellent source of inspiration with no inhibitions. There’s nothing quite like a homemade card from your littlies. Feel zero guilt in adding your name to the bottom of one made for your partner.

Valentine's Day card making

Wrangle the kids into a theatrical production

What’s the kids’ take on love? Spend the day creating and rehearsing a song, dance, play, or circus act to present a unique gift to your partner. Or, get the whole family involved and present it to friends at a Valentines evening picnic! Do the kids struggle with performing? Check out some circus workshops beforehand. They’ll help your kids learn some skills and gain some confidence before the big performance day!

Valentine's Day kite flying

Spend time together

Valentines Day is about love. Your family relationships are the most important, loving, relationships you can ever have, so just spend the day together doing something fun – horse riding, exploring the seaside, having a high tea, staying in and watching a movie together, cooking a meal… whatever it is that you feel like!

Turn Valentines Day into whatever you want to celebrate. Just appreciate the love. Plus, the kids’ll be so tuckered out by the end of the day they’ll fall straight asleep. There’ll still be some kid-free time! 

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