Mother knows best: Five inventive gift ideas that make use of mum’s advice

For those of us who carry the burden of knowing everything – the odd occasion when mum can confidently say, “I told you so” comes as a big shock. But if there’s one virtue we can thank mum for, it’s humility. As much as it pains us to say it – “Mum, here are five times you were right”.

“Two things you can never have too many of; good friends and good shoes”

I’ll be the first person to say that life is too short to wear boring shoes, so why not treat the woman who raised you to a pair of flats that she can design herself. With over 200 materials to choose from and hundreds of styles and shapes – there’s something out there for every mum. The perfect combination of comfort and style, mum can create flats for going out, casual beachwear or a new pair of shoes for the office.

“Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment”

They say that actions speak louder than words, so surely the only thing that speaks louder again is a message written entirely in chocolate!. So why not show mum how much you appreciate her with a box of her favourite personalised Belgian chocolate bites

girlfriends eating chocolate

“If you feel like throwing in the towel, remember that just means doing more laundry”

There’s no denying that as painful as she can be, mum is often our pillar of strength, guiding us toward making better decisions and supporting us when we’re ready to throw in the towel. I’m a firm believer in the old adage that if there are two things you should never scrimp on, it’s healthcare and a decent set of bath towels. If you’re looking to indulge mum with a gift that will go the distance – consider a set of Egyptian cotton bath towels (you might even treat yourself to a set for the glory box!).

“If a woman says she doesn’t need gifts, what she really means is that she wants a present and make sure it’s jewellery!”

If there’s one area where it is incredibly easy to go wrong, it’s buying jewellery for women. The best advice is to go for simple, elegant designs that have transcended generations. The perfect piece for the woman who has everything, a sterling silver sweetheart pendant will compliment any outfit. Designed by Australian duo Leoni and Vonk, the sweetheart necklace is popular in both galleries and high-end boutiques. For those that wish to personalise it further, the simple heart design is well suited to a meaningful engraving that mum can keep for years to come.

“The best foundation you can wear is healthy, glowing skin”

If there’s one thing mum taught me it’s that a good facial is as important as a regular trip to the dentist. Unfortunately for many mums, getting pampered is a luxury some don’t have the time for. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil mum and let her have some well-deserved time to herself.  This gift will leave mum stress-free and give her the opportunity to put her best foot and face forward when she “puts her face on”.