Escape to Romance: 3 Trending Getaways to Gift for Valentine’s Day

Lorena Dominguez

At RedBalloon, we believe that love is all about shared experiences, not things. So, forget about traditional roses or not-quite-right perfume and gift your partner with a special romantic getaway. We’ve got you covered with three amazing options that ooze romance from every corner. They’re perfect for capturing hearts and minds and creating unforgettable memories together. 

Roar & Snore

If you and your loved one share a love for animals, then the Roar and Snore experience in Sydney or Melbourne is the perfect retreat for you! As the day comes to an end and the last visitors leave, you’ll be treated to an exclusive after-dark experience. Discover the mystery and beauty of the zoo and its residents while listening to some amazing stories from the Zookeeper. Your friendly guides will lead you to your safari-style tent where you can relax and unwind for the night.   

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Escape to Disconnect

Immerse yourselves in an enchanting experience, with stunning landscapes and the peacefulness of nature in one of our South Australian eco-glamping escapes. Disconnect and unwind in a haven designed for romance that doesn’t take a toll on the environment.  

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the serene view and let it set the stage for your romantic getaway in this off-grid paradise. This retreat is not just about finding a place to stay; it’s an opportunity for couples to escape from the daily stress, reconnect with nature and each other. 

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Sail into Romance

If you’re looking for a unique experience to gift, why not escape to the sea and unwind with an overnight sailing trip? The open seas offer a peaceful and intimate setting where you can truly connect without distractions.  

It’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy luxury sailing around the Central Coast, NSW. Picture waking up to a delicious breakfast on a fancy yacht, discovering hidden beaches, or simply floating on the water. Sounds amazing, right? 

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Consider giving the gift of an experience that goes beyond material possessions and creates lasting memories. These romantic getaways offer the perfect opportunity to connect with your partner, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. So, switch off, indulge in the magic of these unique escapes. 

Or, if you’d prefer to give the gift of choice, why not opt for a gift voucher your loved one can redeem for an experience that tickles their interest (and their heart). 

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