Top experiences to discover shared passions with Mum

Karina Robson

The best gift you can give mum on Mother’s Day is a moment spent connecting with you; an opportunity to uncover what passions you now share. There is no better way to discover those shared passions than through an experience. Whether it’s cooking classes, winery tours or driving experiences, mum’s enjoyment of the experience will be made all the more special because it was time spent with you. . 

Cooking Classes 

Dive into your love of food and dining together with a cooking class. Whether it’s learning the ropes of pasta making, perfecting a steamy bowl of ramen or crafting a delicious burrata there are so many delicious cuisines to master. Whatever mum’s taste, a cooking class shared together will be a memory she will cherish for years to come.  


Driving Experiences 

Allow mum to fully step into her power this Mother’s Day with an exciting driving experience. From laps in a V8 to driving an F1 racing vehicle and even exploring the landscape on a quad bike, the power she’ll feel will make this a moment she will never forget.  


Winery Tour  

For a gift that mum will love showing off at brunch with her girlfriends, step onto the vineyard and get ready to sip some delicious vino on a winery tour. Browse the grounds of iconic, picturesque vineyards across Australia and dive into their selection on wines. This is an experience mum will truly cherish forever.    



Enjoy some sunshine and salty-air with a gorgeous cruising experience. If you and your mum are lovers of the ocean, this is the perfect moment to share together. Whether you want to indulge in a long lunch on Sydney Harbour, or spot dolphins riding waves, there are plenty of incredible cruising experiences to share.  


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