3 team building ideas that take the action offsite

Oh no, you’ve read the headline, and you’ve broken out in a cold sweat. Yep, the idea behind team building activities is always good, but frequently they make you feel either awkward or downright bored.

Surely there are alternatives that your people won’t, well… hate?

There are. Lots. So forget the jitters, yawns and feeling of dread in your stomach. Instead, grab your team, pull on your brave-person pants and jump into three daring team builders that will absolutely drive up your adrenalin and lift the teams’ spirits sky-high...

Driving V8s

Who has the best time? It doesn’t matter – unless you want it to. You can either race the clock, each other or build a team total and outdrive the opposition. Suited up, helmeted and strapped in behind the wheel, you’ll be revving your way through adrenalin fuelled laps of an international race track that will outclass any team workshop!

You can also opt for hot laps with a pro. This time you’re strapped into a genuine V8 race car as a passenger, with a professional race driver pushing the envelope at ridiculous speeds. You’ll have sweat breaking out in some uncomfortable places as your butt desperately tries to grip the seat, and you’re talked through the whole experience via an intercom fitted helmet. It’s unreal!


Be honest. Wouldn’t you love to nail some of your work mates with a paintball? No, no, of course not, my mistake… this is a team building "exercise". But just think of it. You’re in full protectivegear (head, eyes and body armour) and armed with 100 paintballs loaded in a rapid-fire semi-automatic machine gun that is seriously accurate. With all that, it will be far from a hopscotch kind of day!

Better still, gone are the days of crouching behind trees, hay bales and wooden pallets as your hunt down the opposing team. None of that here. Instead, there’s amazing movie-set quality zones with themed scenarios including Tomb Raider with Giant Stone Pyramids, the Wild West, Military Check-Point and much more.

redballoon team ifly

The RedBalloon marketing team enjoying an indoor skydiving team event


Experience the pure rush of jumping from a plane at 14,000 feet, free-falling for 60 seconds and hearing your heart thumping… out your ears! But don’t panic, it doesn’t get boring after that – then there’s a hair raising 4-5minute parachute flight. Paired up with a professional instructor… if you want, you can even grab the controls and steer yourself to the ground!

Or, you can opt for one of then hottest crazes around - indoor skydiving. Taking Australia and the world by storm, state of the art facilities allow you to experience the thrill of a fall from 14,000 feet without the plane rides and weather complications. You'll be flown in the air by huge fans, creating a wall-to-wall air flow.

So nearly anyone can skydive. All you have to do is strap yourself in for the ride, wear your big-brave-pants and practice your screams.

The experts at RedBalloon can design a team building experience to suit your specific needs, appetite for adrenalin, budget and desitred outcomes. Contact us to find out more.


Di Mace is a freelance story-making brand writer, strategist and purpose-digger. She turns boring brand messages into content and stories that matter. Find her at www.wordswords.com.au.