Escape the humdrum and build memorable team activities

It’s a typical day at work. You’re on a deadline and things need to get done. Yes, it’s all go, but no one’s working together. Surely there’s another way? There is. Lock them in a room, give them a puzzle with no clues and start the clock. To escape, they must use their collective wits and help each other…

Tick-tick-tick! For 60 brain-racking minutes your team must rely on one another –there’s no other option, if they want to escape the room. Sound daunting? Yes, but totally immersive. Their differences quickly fade and they begin sharing observations, information and laterally approaching the problems they’re facing… and work together, instead of apart.

Go figure…

Fundamentally, solving a mystery puzzle is the figurative mirror image of many everyday workplace problems. But because they’re playful and fictitious, much of the personal ‘work baggage’ is left outside the door and instead of working individually, teams become totally immersed. They start to think, solve problems and cooperate to complete the storyline.

Puzzle solving helps to build a stronger team culture. Teams gain a greater appreciation of fellow players, their contributions and the skills frequently needed in team efforts – communication, cooperation and organisation. The rush of team success (and beating the clock) helps teams bond, as well as inspiring laughter, fun and an experience you’ll never forget.

escape room team event

How does it work?

Teams of 2-5 people are locked in a room where a crime has just been committed. The room is filled with clue-laden objects and team members must work together to crack codes and solve puzzles. Either the team plays against the clock or two teams (in ‘twinned’ rooms) play against one another to find the guilty suspect’s identity and escape.

What are the adventures?

You’re transported back over one hundred years – complete with themed clothing –to become London detectives. Six rooms are ‘twinned’ into three pairs of different adventures, (so up to six teams of 2-5 can compete against one another) each with its own décor, storyline and entirely different set of puzzles and codes:

  1. Robbery in the cottage – find the gold thief before he or she disappears
  2. Extortion in the dockyard – find the blackmailer or an ‘affair’ will be exposed!
  3. Murder in the pub – this one is tough: solve a horrible murder before he or she wreaks further havoc

Any hints for success?

  1. Don’t just stand there: think.
  2. Share everything: your thoughts, what you find and see.
  3. Be creative: logic may not always win the day.

Are you up for the challenge?


Di Mace is a freelance story-making brand writer, strategist and purpose-digger. She turns boring brand messages into content and stories that matter. Find her at