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Employee Rewards and Recognition

Why RedBalloon for employee recognition

We believe in the power of experiences.

Thanks to almost 20 years’ sourcing and delivering the best experience in Australia and New Zealand, we know that when used in the workplace, experiences offer something truly unique.

Did you know, a mere 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth the following year (Aon). There are many reward and recognition solutions in market that can deliver improvements to your culture, engagement and loyalty levels, so what makes RedBalloon different?

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Experiences connect us

Experiences are a powerful way to create connection between your employees and to your brand. We offer an amazing range of experiences your staff can choose to share together or enjoy themselves. Our corporate group experiences are perfect for improving teamwork, boosting employee morale and having fun.

People are priority

From simple rewards and recognition solutions to more formal programs and platforms, we have a suite of products that can help supercharge your employee engagement initiatives.

Recognise your greatest assets

Be it the high cost of turnover, attraction or retention; lagging engagement levels; difficulty assigning ROI to HR initiativesl or challenges in getting your people aligned to your company values and vision - we can help.

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87% of Millennials

want personal recognition of work.


How do you give employees recognition

Employee recognition program

Employee recognition programs can be the difference between an engaged workforce and high turnover rates. It's all about ensuring your employees feel appreciated and connected to your company's mission.

Recognise employee milestones

The importance of celebrating employee milestones centre s around building strong relationships with your teams. Whether it is celebrating an achievement, birthday or work anniversary let your staff know that you recognise what they do each day.

Rewards & Recognition

Maintaining your program

After the excitement of launching your employee recognition program, you want to maintain momentum. It will likely take 3 - 9 months for your program to gain traction, however there are things you can do in the meantime so the program can stay front of mind.

Reward and recognition gift ideas

RedBalloon experience vouchers

Experience vouchers

We've always believed that when giving, experiences are preferable to things. When your business gives an experience voucher to a team member, a valued client, or prize competition winner, you're really giving them a memory - one which they will always associate with your brand.

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Gift vouchers

Our gift vouchers are ideal for giving your people something exciting or indulgent to look forward to. Vouchers can be uniquely personalised, while also giving the recipient ultimate flexibility and choice when redeeming an experience. Gift vouchers are valid for 5 years.

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E-gift cards

E-gift cards

If you want to truly wow your stakeholders, our e-gift card range is sure to impress. We've compiled a list of the 12 most popular messages, making it easy to deliver a customised e-gift cards directly to your customers or team. You choose the value and we'll email you the e-gift cards an hour later.

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