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How to keep good employees in 5 easy steps 

There’s no denying that when we build a team of star employees who are wholeheartedly aligned with our culture and vision, we want to do everything possible to keep them. But, when it comes to retaining good employees, there are a few culture-cultivating basics that often get overlooked. With the great resignation trend, a workplace-disrupting global pandemic and the subsequent evolution of employee values to shake things up, now is the time to (re)focus on the simple things. 

Step 1: Enrich your team’s work-life balance  

Supporting a healthy work-life balance isn’t a new concept when it comes to fostering a positive employee experience. But with WFH options here to stay, greater flexibility is less of an exclusive perk and more of an on-the-job expectation, so it’s time to level up our work-life initiatives. Rewarding your team in ways that will enrich their time off is a wonderful way to achieve this. Ditch the generic employee recognition gifts and give them a memorable experience to share with family and friends instead. In doing this, you’ll help your team add even more quality to their time outside the office as recognition of their achievements inside the office.  

Step 2: Give more praise and positive recognition  

Praise your team on the daily. Even a genuine “thank you for your hard work” at the end of the week can make your employees feel valued. On a grander scale, prioritise time to celebrate the big and small milestones. Set your OOO and create time to connect as a team over a cooking class or tackle a challenge together at an escape room, all in recognition of your team’s stellar achievements.

Step 3: Provide opportunities for personal & professional growth  

Find the middle ground between where you need your team to focus their growth, and where they want to invest their personal learning. Creating a strong alignment here and offering to support each of your employee’s individual growth journeys will show that you are just as invested in their long-term success as they are.  

 Step 4: Encourage open communication and listen to your team  

Create a safe and open space for your team to provide honest feedback about how they’re feeling at work. Ask questions that will seek answers to what they are loving about their employee experience and what they would change if they had the chance. Identify the trends and opportunities for change and then (most importantly) act on them! 

Step 5: Create a fun workplace that people want to be part of 

Do your job ads often include phrases like “innovative team culture,” “a state-of-the-art office” or “we say no to the status quo”? If you’re nodding along then it’s important that you actively demonstrate these values and show up for the employee culture you’re creating. Host team building days that make coming to work fun, create memorable experiences and foster a positive culture. Hot tip: keep things fun and out of the box with things like singing workshops 


There’s a lot packed into this blog post so if you’re feeling unsure about where to start, don’t worry! You don’t need to tackle all five steps at once. Start with the first one and work your way through the rest at your own pace. After all, creating an amazing employee experience is all about taking things one considered step at a time. Want to talk through some ideas? We’re here to help with bulk orders, 5-year validity, free exchanges and so much more. Get in touch.  

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